Richard Scarry

So the Easter holidays are upon us, and naturally (prompted by a million window displays) my thoughts have turned to floppy ears and fluffy tails. Of all the bunnies, there’s one that I am reminded of this time of year that makes me particularly happy and nostalgic in equal parts. Richard Scarry’s Best Bunny Book Ever! was a tale my mother used to read to me when I was little. She had the nouse to stash them away and now I have the pleasure of reading them to my own children years later.

The old fashioned water colour illustrations are incredibly beautiful. There’s a timeless quality to them that parent and child appreciate alike. I absolutely LOVE them.

I buy them for the children to continue the tradition of collecting Scarry’s work but they also make brilliant presents for others. I have often brought three as a present for my Godchildren.

Here are my favourites:

I am a BunnyChipmunks ABCGood Night, Little BearColors and of course, Best Bunny Book Ever!


Baskets, for me, are like the gift that keeps on giving – no matter how trendy they are right now I’ll never, ever tire of having them in my home.

For me they are a timeless classic and I’m frankly on for having at least one in every room in house.

From giant ones for stashing towels in the bathroom, to tiny ones that serve as storage for the annoying tiny-doobery-thingys plastic crap that kids accumulate. The more the merrier.  And obviously not forgetting the essential beach/ getting your baguettes on your bike holiday ones.

Below are a selection of my current favourites. Enjoy.


  1. Natural Seagrass Basket
  2. Garden Trading Brunswick Laundry Basket 
  3. Nkuku Braided Hemp Basket
  4. Tine K Natural Table Basket
  5. Bloomingville Set of 2 Raffia Baskets
  6. Hogla Large Storage Basket 



Matchy Matchy

Forgive the Mango garment overload but as I was purchasing my asymmetric top of wonder I obviously had a good old snoop at the children’s clothes.

(The thing I love about Mango is that they literally have so much to choose from and a lot of it is not available in store so you don’t get that ‘oh that’s that top from X’ comment and everyone is wearing exactly the same thing. Not naming any names.)

Each year I like to buy the girls a matching summer outfit.  It’s a thin line I tread between naff and super cute but I’m hoping these fall on just the right side. With no zips, you can just chuck these on. They’re comfy cotton and have a fine metallic blue thread running through them which I have (badly) tried to show you in the photos.

For me, these are the perfect little summer dresses. All that’s left is to accessorise them with some sun.

Mango Metallic Thread Dress

#FASH CHAT The Saint Laurent Look for Less

So clearly I was feeling like a bit of a tit being snapped on an iPhone at 10am in my bedroom in me new ‘off out’ gear but how else am I supposed to show you my new Saint Laurent vibes top?!

Last September Anthony Vaccarello presented his first collection for Saint Laurent. I have to admit, I never really paid that much attention to Saint Laurent in the past few years – too many painfully thin girls and glam-rock tees for my liking. But Anthony’s creative direction of sassy plunging tops, simple jeans and spikey heels brought me back into the fold.

I say ‘back into the fold’ but that doesn’t mean I can think about actually buying his clothes. A quick remortgage and a handbag could be yours. Instead I’ve thought about how to recreate the Saint Laurent vibe. Mango (I am not sponsored by them promise, I am just a big fan of late) have, for me, captured the mood I was after. Their black off the shoulder top is incredible. It certainly feels like the perfect update on the good old ‘nice top and jeans’ going out look.

Mango Asymmetric Poplin Blouse . Office Suede Courts . Gap Jeans . & Other Stories Earrings

The original inspiration, Saint Laurent SS17

Rattan Alert

You know that really irritating moment? The one where you find your dream room on Pinterest, try to track down the exact furniture in the picture but can’t find it? Yeah. It’s a pain. Well for once, Pinterest and Real Life have become one. The incredible curved rattan bed from a shoot I styled a few years ago for Homes & Gardens is back in stock. If you happen to be in the market for a new bed may I heartily recommend this one.

Curved Rattan Bed