Soho House Your House

I have a rule about hotels. If they’re not as nice as my own house then I am not going to fork out for one. No point in splashing all that cash when you’ve spent a lot of time making your home a beautiful place to be. That’s my theory anyway. The Soho Houses and Hotels dotted about the world are obviously somewhere I’d happily stay any day of the week.  (In fact I’m off to the new one in Barcelona in a months time so I’ll be sure to bore you senseless with my smug Insta Stories sipping cocktails by the pool).

They do a good old luxurious space thanks to the likes of mega designers Tom Dixon and Ilse Crawford. Last year they launched their own homeware and if you haven’t yet seen it, I thought I’d share my picks for you to ‘get the Soho look’.

Blue Cushion . Pitcher . Cocktail Glass .  Teapot . Cashmere Cinema Blanket . Laundry Bag

Kirsten Hecktermann

There are cushions, and then there are Kirsten Hecktermann cushions.

Almongst other things she was the seamstress of choice for all the World of Interiors photo shoots for about a million years.

She makes the most insanely beautiful hand dyed velvet cushions in all manor of combinations and perfect muted colours.

Those big ol’, wonderfully plump cushions are on my sofa at home, always find a way onto my sets, and on my last jaunt to Tuscany, cushioned the posterior of supermodel Arizona Muse. NBD. This is, for those in the market for beautiful cushions, my major insiders tip.

If that’s not wondrous enough she sells her hand dyed velvet as lengths that you can use for curtains or upholstery and is available for bespoke commissions.

Frankly, in my opinion, this is the only place to buy your cushions.

Flora Starkey

It’s Easter weekend (well we’re veeeery nearly there) and I am not going to talk about chicks, baby lambs, chocolate eggs, and you’ll be pleased to hear, resurrection today ;). Instead, this post is dedicated to blooms and specifically the work of the incredibly talented florist Flora Starkey.

When I am styling a shoot, I am often called upon to add flowers and foliage to a room or set. It’s one of my favourite parts of the job. And I find immense inspiration in the work of Starkey whose arrangements muddle the delicacy of flowers and decay – there’s a rich darkness to her work inspired by the Dutch masters paintings.

“I’ve always referenced those pictures, long before I did floristry as a career. I think they’re just so captivating and beautiful; I love the darkness that underpins them.” Flora told House of Hackney.

“I guess because flowers are so transient and a lot of the beauty comes from the fact that it’s quite fleeting, that it doesn’t last forever, and there’s a lot of beauty in the decay as much as the life. I love the imperfections of things, I love flowers as they die, and I think they’re so symbolic of the whole life cycle.”

Flora made a career switch from fashion designer to floristry when she became a mother of three and was looking for work that fitted her family life. Her own mother was a florist and the transition was natural. She’d since bagged the likes of, Alexander McQueen, Another magazine and British Vogue as clients.

I particularly love that Flora picks rare and unusual flowers for her arrangements, often growing what she can’t find in flower markets in her garden in London.

There are many more where these pics came from but I’ve picked out the spring arrangements that I LOVE.

This weekend get your daffs next to some pink cherry blossom or a fuschia pink tulip.

Happy Easter people.







Richard Scarry

So the Easter holidays are upon us, and naturally (prompted by a million window displays) my thoughts have turned to floppy ears and fluffy tails. Of all the bunnies, there’s one that I am reminded of this time of year that makes me particularly happy and nostalgic in equal parts. Richard Scarry’s Best Bunny Book Ever! was a tale my mother used to read to me when I was little. She had the nouse to stash them away and now I have the pleasure of reading them to my own children years later.

The old fashioned water colour illustrations are incredibly beautiful. There’s a timeless quality to them that parent and child appreciate alike. I absolutely LOVE them.

I buy them for the children to continue the tradition of collecting Scarry’s work but they also make brilliant presents for others. I have often brought three as a present for my Godchildren.

Here are my favourites:

I am a BunnyChipmunks ABCGood Night, Little BearColors and of course, Best Bunny Book Ever!


Baskets, for me, are like the gift that keeps on giving – no matter how trendy they are right now I’ll never, ever tire of having them in my home.

For me they are a timeless classic and I’m frankly on for having at least one in every room in house.

From giant ones for stashing towels in the bathroom, to tiny ones that serve as storage for the annoying tiny-doobery-thingys plastic crap that kids accumulate. The more the merrier.  And obviously not forgetting the essential beach/ getting your baguettes on your bike holiday ones.

Below are a selection of my current favourites. Enjoy.


  1. Natural Seagrass Basket
  2. Garden Trading Brunswick Laundry Basket 
  3. Nkuku Braided Hemp Basket
  4. Tine K Natural Table Basket
  5. Bloomingville Set of 2 Raffia Baskets
  6. Hogla Large Storage Basket