Bake Off: The Alphabet Cookie Cutters

It’s back to work this week which means that I am doing a lot of shopping for clients and keeping my eyes peeled for amazing things for Minford readers along the way. And what do you know but good old M&S have done it again (after their total score with those amazing bed sheets). They seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment.

I spotted this tin of alphabet cookie cutters. ‘Nice packaging’, I thought, ‘these have to come home with me’. Needless to say there were three very excited faces when I pulled them out of my shopping bag let me tell you.

Buy them for yourself for fun baking moments but I’m also thinking what a fantastic present they would make. Who doesn’t love a bit of biscuit making and as we are sadly heading to winter months particularly useful if you have bored children on a rainy day. Rain? England? Don’t be ridiculous.

Alphabet Cookie Cutters

Art For Children's Rooms

A big hello from me as I tentaively take steps towards coming out of a blissful near-month of holidaying *insert smug AND TANNED face here*. I am getting back in the swing of posting interior tips and inspiration and this week it’s all about what art to hang in your kiddies bedrooms.

Perhaps I am in a sentimental mood given that the summer is almost over and my youngest one starts school next week. It’s all flying by rather fast.  If you’ve got little children then you’ll know that there’s a magical window between when they are first born and around about seven years old when you can dress and decorate their rooms with all the cute, squishy, stylish things you can imagine. After that it’s game over. There’s no way you can avoid laminated posters of whatever unicorn they’re obsessed with. So this post is dedicated to those sprucing nurseries or wanting to add a little extra to their spaces. Do it now ;).

Above: Kate Pugsley James and the Giant Peach Print

Pleased to Meet – Together

The Great Outdoors Alphabet Chart

Lisa Jones Brogue Risograph Print

Pirum Parum Pear Print

Kelsey Oseid Creatures of the Infraorder Cetacea

Apple Papple Print


Good Things Just Dropped In The Shop


The Minford and miniford shops have been updated. My HOURS of pain, quite literally trawling until my eyes hurt, will hopefully be your gain with my edit of the latest interior and fashion finds for you and your little ones.

As for me, I’m off on me hols so it’ll be a laptop shut, bikini on, picnic on the beach situation for the next few weeks. Unable to give up technology entirely Instagram will of course continue as usual 😉 .

Au revoir for now!

Shelf Life: Styling Odd Objects

So I’ve had my eye on this collection of beauties for a while now. Call me weird but my object obsession goes from strength to strength. Put these on your desk to spark inspiration come that mid afternoon slump. They surely beat any calligraphy squirly whirly quote hands down. Trust the Danes to come up with such a thing. Kristina Dam Studio YES PLEASE.

Kristina Dam Desk Sculptures


The White Blouse

I am a sucker for a white lacy something. Call it my Isabel Marant/French Summer meets Victoriana obsession if you will. But each July, as the children break for the holidays, out comes my collection. This year I’ve snagged a particularly super white blouse from &Other Stories (aka my second home) to add to the collection. This little number has puffed sleves (a little nod to Jacquemus there) and a run of covered buttons up the back. It’s a heavier 100 percent cotton so one for when the clouds descend and the nights get a little cooler.

In other white blouse news I noticed yesterday that the River Island broderie number that was in the Minford Shop a while ago is now back in stock! The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned.

Shop it: & Other Stories Buttoned Back Blouse