Hanging Mobiles…Not Just For Babies

Kids mobiles, not exactly a thing of great beauty in my humble opinion (or previous experience). Large white plastic contraptions, a bit like a spare part from a high chair, fused with a tented teddy bears picnic situation hanging on nasty nylon threads complete with annoying music. And then they break. No thanks.

A visit to the Conran shop at the end of last week got me thinking. Huge Calder-esque mobiles were hanging all over the place and I wondered, who says that we should only hang stars and clouds above a cot? Could a mobile have some longevity and become part of a home beyond the nursery years? To that, the answer is simple – Flensted. The Danish company, founded in 1953 by Christian and Grethe Flensted and now run by their granddaughter Christine, specialises in playful kinetic mobiles that can keep both kids and adults happy.

So if you’ve not got the budget for a Calder, these are my favourite Flensted mobiles for your home be it nursery or wherever takes your fancy.

Tango Blue Mobile

Futura Black Mobile

Fatamorgana/Mirage with both black and white ‘leaves’

My Perfect Winter Coat

So, I’ve done a lot of trawling (surprise, surprise) for my perfect winter coat.  The budget is not currently stretching to Masscob or Marant so I’ve hit the high street and Topshop has come up trumps.

It’s a bit of a departure but it’s definitely love in a big way. It’s all about the texture and the creamy colour for me. And who wouldn’t enjoy cocooning themselves in a giant teddy bear. Essentially, I’ve gone and bought myself a Berber rug for my back.

Topshop Borg Cocoon Coat

Interiors Inspired By Matisse In The Studio

You may have noticed that there was a slight pause in Minford proceedings last week. I’d been working all hours on a big shoot and when we wrapped I basically just hit the wall.

I think it’s important to say so because in the era of social media perfection everything can look rosy when in fact that’s not always the case. After a week of walking in the park, going to art galleries, reading and doing very little except the school run I’m back to business all bushy tailed and ready to tell you about the AMAZING Matisse exhibition at the Royal Academy.

This was particularly special for me as the major focus of the exhibition is Matisse’s collection of objects. His Nice studio was full of trinkets from his travels to Africa and Thailand — inexpensive vases, pots, glassware, textiles and masks that feature again and again in his work. Seeing these objects in real life alongside Matisse’s finished work was incredibly inspiring.

As a stylist, it’s the artist’s own words that really resonate with me: ‘The object is an actor. A good actor can have a part in ten different plays; an object can play a role in ten different pictures’.

So in the spirit of the exhibition, I have rounded up a few bits and bobs that might become ‘actors in your home.’ 😉 Obviously I am now urgently needing my own hot chocolate pot. Race you…

AM.PM Blown Glass Carafe

French Vintage Hot Chocolate Pot and another one here.

Tine K Ceramic Vase 

Oka Glass Claret Jug

Large Antique Pewter jug





THE Items to buy in the La Redoute sale

Ahhh, La Redoute. The home of washed linen sheets and kids metal storage trunks in colours aplenty. Also known for its seriously good discounts.

This weekend there’s 30 % off with the code 5833. Their frequent sales lure me every time and here I sit once more stashing things into the virtual basket (obviously a priority given that my car was towed the other day and the shower is currently leaking into the sitting room, hey-ho!). I am eyeing up bits of furniture that ordinarily would be a bit too expensive and I’m also quite taken by those marble hooks. If there’s anything that’s on your list, now’s the moment to shop.

If however,  you’re overwhelmed by choice or on the fence, I’ve rounded up my favourite pieces to choose from.

Above: Set of 4 Sarubbo Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

Linen Tablewear

Set of 2 Biface Designer Chairs

Marble Hooks

Side Table

Retro Style Single Bed

Grey-Green Eiderdown

Set of 2 Bamboo Baskets

Black and White Stripes For Your Home

Stylists can be a weird bunch sometimes, becoming fixated by a shape or a colour or a thing.  Well, for a while now one of my ‘things’ has been black and white stripes. Certainly not everywhere.  If you want to wallpaper your entire house in black and white candy stripes good for you but that’s not what I’m suggesting here. I’m simply saying that I am currently partial to the addition of a black and white striped item or object somewhere in the mix of your home.

Having been particularly inspired by an image of interior decorator Vincent Van Duysen’s living room rug, I’ve been pepping up my kitchen with a graphic striped plate and rather enjoying it too. A good strong graphic line in all the softness is what arty types would refer to as a disrupting the space. As in ‘ooh look at that bowl distrupting the space’.

So I’ve rounded up my favourite striped pieces including a brilliant reasonably priced fabric from good old John Lewis. Whip up a cushion and add it to the mix.

The beauty of a strong accessory is not needing to commit entirely to something you might easily change your mind on in a few years. There’s no risk of making an expensive decorating mistake. Personally I’m sticking with my black and white obsession but if it’s a passing fancy for you then none of this round up is going to break the bank.

The addition of a striped rug in this otherwise neutral interior by Vincent Van Duysen helps to add structure to the room.


John Lewis Ticking Furnishing Fabric

Nordal Black Stipe Rug

House Doctor Striped Laundry Bag

Holly’s House Striped Ceramic Dessert Plate

Habitat Striped Cereal Bowl