Pink Pyjamas

If you’re feeling like me today after seeing the US election results and would like to just sleep through the next four years please and thank you, here are the PJs to do so in.

I don’t need a lot of encouragement to get all the sleep I possibly can as it is and then these little Zara beauties come along and I am now basically living in them in a permanent ready for bed state. Not only am I wearing these to bed, but the top can be slung over a pair of jeans and you’re done.

They are such a pretty colour and soooooo soft and comfy. I’m also loving the old school man vibe with the stripe and piping details, especially the curved hem detail at the ankle. And they’re 100% cotton.  Literally, what’s not to like.

Zara Home has some seriously great home wear at the moment. Definitely worth checking out.

Pyjama top and bottoms from Zara Home.

The Ultimate Christmas Stocking

Now that it’s November I think it’s officially O.K. to start talking Christmas. Last year, seriously struggling to find anything chic in the way of stockings, I decided to go all out and buy the brood one of these each. They’re made by Polka Dots and Blooms, a brilliant Etsy find.

They totally tick all of my uptight stylist boxes. Vintage linen – check. Personalisation – check with double points for the embroidery in French handwriting so I can continue the fantasy that I am in fact a very chic Parisian. Made in the U.K by a small independent store – check. A timeless item and not landfill in two years – check.

I’m actually thinking I need to get one for me and the Mr this year as I’ve just seen there are new sizes including an XXL, a seriously useful size for fitting Chanel handbags into. HINT.

In other exciting news if you head over to the Minford and miniFORD shop you’ll see I’ve updated them with my picks of the best Christmas decorations, crackers, lights…you name it!

Christmas Stocking by Polkadots and Blooms

Choosing Grey & Neutral Paint Made Easy

This post is intended to be a SERIOUSLY useful resource for anyone currently uming and ahing over paint colours. There’s no way around it, choosing paint is a total nightmare and can end up costing you an absolute fortune. I have frequently spent the cost of five litres of paint in samples, tearing my hair out to find the right shade.

So I’m spilling the beans on the tried and (endlessly) tested grey and neutral favourites that myself and all my stylist and interior pals go back to again and again.

These six paints below, top my list for the best neutral and pale grey colours. Ever…well at least until Bert & May relase a new shade ;). Nearly every stylist I know is currently having a major love in with Bert & May, a specialist supplier of handmade artisan tiles, wooden floor boards, taps, ceramics, you name it, they’ve got it. And they have the most amazing selection of natural pigment paint colours.

My Top Tips:

Even though I’ve picked out the best six grey/neutral shades, ideally you’ll still need to test them. If you have time, when choosing a colour, paint a large piece of paper about A2 size and masking tape it to the wall often folding around a corner so that you can see what it looks like in the light and shade.  You can do several pieces in various parts of the room and then the main thing is not to be too hasty. Try if at all possible to sit with it for a few days to see how the colour changes at different times in the day.

Pick a gorgeous chalky, matt finish (another stylist’s obsession since they photograph really nicely) over a high gloss. Matt paint helps to enhance the beatiful tones in your paint as the light changes throughout the day.


  1. Farrow & Ball ‘Strong White’
  2. Farrow & Ball ‘Ammonite’
  3. Bert & May ‘Salix’
  4. Bert & May ‘Almond Butter’
  5. Paint And Paper Library ‘Slate II
  6. Fired Earth ‘Malm’

Main Image by Emma Lee styled by me for Fired Earth.


Is It Just Me Or Is Pale Pink The Best Colour Ever?

I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to pink. We’re not talking Katie Price’s Range Rover here. We’re talking palest nude blush is it pink or not? pink. If you’re scared of colour it goes brilliantly with grey and neutrals. It just adds another layer and interest to a room. So what to consider when you’re as obsessed as I am…

When you’re choosing pink accessories it’s great to think about adding texture like velvet, linen, and silk taffeta curtains a la Rose Uniacke‘s house – damn that woman’s stylish.

If you want to do ‘cool’ pink just add a poured concrete floor… as you do. The idea is that the softness of the pink if offset by a tough surface. The same applies with fixtures and fittings or accessories.  There’s been a lot of pale pink and copper in that department but my personal favourite is when it’s pared with un-lacquered brass.

Super, super chic points come when you team pink with navy (even if I do say so myself!). I have a navy armchair and a dirty pink Kristin Hecktermann cushion in the sitting room. It’s a much-admired combination.

If you don’t want to commit to the pink thing but fancy experiencing the vibe, head to Sketch for tea (remortgage before you go) or to Spring Restaurant. Both are a total treat. Note that in Sketch they have even painted the ceiling pink – a neat interior trick. It creates a full, luxurious looking space and doesn’t jolt the senses with a sharp colour change.

Below are a selection of my favourite pink things right now.  It is a total understatement to say I am ‘currently obsessed’ with artist Caroline Popham’s paper sculptures.  Great news is that she’s having not one but two exhibitions in London this month.  Check out the details here if you fancy going.

Photo above courtesy of Lean Timms


Photo: Emma Lee.  Styled by me.




  1. Cooee Dusty Pink Ball Vase
  2. The Conran Shop Linen Waffle Towel
  3. LinenMe Stone Washed Pink Napkin
  4. Caroline Popham Paper Sculpture
  5. Tine K Home Blush Corduroy Cushion
  6. Soendergaard Eve Tableware


Get A Look At These Loafers!

Just Shopped is quite literally what the postman has just dropped through my door. It’s a snoop into what’s been filling up my shopping basket of late.  Today there’s a bit of #FashChat (FashChat being an endless WhatsApp stream between me and an equally shopping mad friend where we share our latest finds).

I have recently acquired these Mango loafers. They’re soft, comfy, and expensive looking but a very wallet friendly £59.99. I’m styling them with scruffy jeans for a bit of a dress up, dress down vibe.  I’ve had so many comments about them, most cherished is from super stylist pal Sarah Clark of Little Spree who spied them on our recent shoot in Tuscany.

Mango Appliqué Leather Loafers