Kids Beds: Thinking Outside The White Bunk Bed Box

So much of what I do is about thinking through the obvious styling ideas and then forcing myself to come up with something a bit different and more unusual.

If you’re going to use this mantra when shopping for kids beds then here’s a thought – why not try to break out of the sturdy white bunk bed zone and go for something a bit more cool.

Not, I might add,  that there’s anything wrong with a good sturdy white bunk bed (I should point out *clears throat* for the interests of transparency that I am currently the owner of said style, but, there are some serious DIY plans afoot).

If you do a little digging there are a stack of interesting alternatives out there. Of course, like most things, the French were there first with beds available in gorgeous sludgy colours and cool shapes. Other brands have since caught on though and there are now a lot more options to choose from.

Yep, you’ve guessed it, I’ve done the trawling for you. All of the below get a major thumbs up from me, and who’d of thought Next were so hot on the kids bed thing?!

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for from the list below (Really? 😉 the following tips should keep you on course for that Milk Decoration magazine style room).

Go for:
1)    A sludgy, ‘just off’ colour.
2)   Metal, and yes in this case white is OK especially if it’s bunk beds.
3)   Bleached wood.  If it’s not quite bleached enough you can always attack it with some lime wash and a bit of sandpaper.
4)   One word. Rattan. Trust me on this one. It’s a thing. And, if you decide you’re over it after a while you can just use it as a daybed which is EXACTLY what I’m planning to do with this one from Hutsly. That summerhouse of mine will be transformed into an oasis of mad woman chintz, rattan and indoor plants before you know it. More of that another time.

Photo:  Sarah Maingot


  1. Bobo Kids Single Bed
  2. Next Cabin Bed
  3. AM.PM Industrial Steel Bed
  4. Hutsly Rattan Bed
  5. Loaf Cabin Bed
  6. Next Metal Bunk Bed