Scented Home

When I was younger my best friend’s house always smelled of toast.

I have fond memories of waiting for her in her hallway with the smell wafting through the air. It’s funny how a everyone’s home has a totally different and unique smell and that today is the point of this post, recognising the power of scent to trasnform our homes.

From the living room to the bathroom, scents can mark your space as your own.

They change the atmosphere and for me, lift my mood immediately.  Since smells can trigger fond memories, can remind you of certain moments in time and unlock things you had forgotten, think about the scent you want to create all around your living space.  And it doesn’t need to be toast.

Diptyque’s Baies candle, well known but a classic, is my absolute favourite to burn all through the day (a little extravagant but needs must with the dark nights we are currently facing).  The packaging is perfect and the glass makes a useful pot to store stuff in when it’s burnt down.  But, there are other, lesser-known treats to be found.  I’ve picked out the scents that I love to have around my home.

PS. I was recently tipped off by a friend about the most incredible room fragrance.  It’s a pot pourri made by the Domincan friars of Santa Maria Novella. It’s all a bit on the down low (secret recipe hand collected in the Florentine Hills).  Anyway, it is 100% natural and smells AMAZING.  Particularly good for an instant Christmas-is-coming hit.  It’s really hard to track down online but you can visit one of their two shops in London.

Top image: The Future Kept



  1. Daylesford Diffuser, Vine Tomato
  2. True Grace Geranium Classic Candle
  3. Diptyque Baies Scented Candle
  4. Astier de Villate Villa Medici Incense Sticks
  5. Mad et Len Figue Noire Scented Candle
  6. Cire Trudon Abd El Kader Scented Candle 



Six of the Best Advent Calendars

A short and sweet post about Advent Calendars today. Don’t leave it too late and end up with a smash and grab Trolls/Frozen/Darth Vader special from the supermarket (what’s wrong with that you cry? pfffft).

I’ve rounded up some alternatives.

That said I’m well aware that most children are desperate for the aforementioned supermarket dodge. So this year I’ve brought the The Real Advent Calendar for all my Godchildren. The Christmas story, fair-trade chocolates, and a story/ activity book = major Godparent brownie points hopefully from parents and children alike.

Whatever you do, get on with it.  I had ear marked two calendars for this post which were both sold out when I checked them over the weekend.

  1. Pop & Slot Advent Calendar
  2. Quentin Blake Nativity Advent Calendar
  3. Wooden Snowy Advent House
  4. Nutcracker Advent Calendar
  5. The Real Advent Fair Trade Calendar
  6. Maileg Christmas Stocking Garland

Five Bathrooms To Inspire Your Own

It’s seriously cold and dark and surprise surprise, there are predictions that a big apocalyptic freeze is apparently coming for the UK this winter.  Woe! Though there are small glimmers of hope burried beneath the predicted snow to get us through the new ice age, and taking a bath is one of them.

Some people don’t like the bath (WHO are you and are you mad!?) but enjoying it is all about creating a good atmosphere in my opinion.

The checklist for just this is:

Get a bath rack — essential for propping up your book and G&T.
Burn candles all around the room.
Overdo the bath foam / scented oil.
Listen to Radio 4 (or have your laptop on a chair and watch Netflix as a friend of mine recently admitted to doing. I’m so doing that this weekend).

At some point if you’re lucky, you’ll have the chance to not just accessorise and atmosphere-ise (new word alert) but transform your bathroom itself.  This little room can change the feel of your home and make your daily routine a pleasure, even if you get up in the pitch black at 7am.  There’s a wealth of inspiration out there and sometimes the choices feel ridiculously overwhelming.

I’ve picked out the five bathrooms that inspired my own renovations, from black baths to the style of the taps. And of course, here’s where to buy some of the key details.


My bathroom at home in London.


Interior Designer Rose Uniake’s bathroom. Obviously being blessed with a gigantic room helps. But that marble bath and lounge area!? Amazing.


J.Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons bathroom. I loved her black bath and rustic parquet flooring.


I styled this image when I was obsessing over sea blue colours.  My favourite bit is the black encaustic tile skirting.


Oil paintings in a bathroom? Yes please!  Especially when styled so beautifully with grey encaustic tiles and a Norman Cherner armchair.

bathroom3I love how the light reflects on zellige tiles which is why I ended up choosing them my own bathroom and shower.

Get the Look:


  1. Robbie Honey Casa Blanca candle
  2. Habibi zellige tiles
  3. Period House Store heated copper towel rack
  4. Studio Ore taps
  5. Ruark DAB Bluetooth Digital radio
  6. Original BTC wall lights


Pink Pyjamas

If you’re feeling like me today after seeing the US election results and would like to just sleep through the next four years please and thank you, here are the PJs to do so in.

I don’t need a lot of encouragement to get all the sleep I possibly can as it is and then these little Zara beauties come along and I am now basically living in them in a permanent ready for bed state. Not only am I wearing these to bed, but the top can be slung over a pair of jeans and you’re done.

They are such a pretty colour and soooooo soft and comfy. I’m also loving the old school man vibe with the stripe and piping details, especially the curved hem detail at the ankle. And they’re 100% cotton.  Literally, what’s not to like.

Zara Home has some seriously great home wear at the moment. Definitely worth checking out.

Pyjama top and bottoms from Zara Home.

The Ultimate Christmas Stocking

Now that it’s November I think it’s officially O.K. to start talking Christmas. Last year, seriously struggling to find anything chic in the way of stockings, I decided to go all out and buy the brood one of these each. They’re made by Polka Dots and Blooms, a brilliant Etsy find.

They totally tick all of my uptight stylist boxes. Vintage linen – check. Personalisation – check with double points for the embroidery in French handwriting so I can continue the fantasy that I am in fact a very chic Parisian. Made in the U.K by a small independent store – check. A timeless item and not landfill in two years – check.

I’m actually thinking I need to get one for me and the Mr this year as I’ve just seen there are new sizes including an XXL, a seriously useful size for fitting Chanel handbags into. HINT.

In other exciting news if you head over to the Minford and miniFORD shop you’ll see I’ve updated them with my picks of the best Christmas decorations, crackers, lights…you name it!

Christmas Stocking by Polkadots and Blooms