Etsy: The Stylist Secrect (and the best place to buy gifts)

SO I may be breaking some kind of stylists code of honour here, but this is a secret too good to keep in the inner prop circle. ETSY IS A TREASURE TROVE and one us stylists use regularly to source one-of-a-kind items.

Buying from makers all over the world opens up the possibilities of finding something that isn’t everywhere on the high street. It’s also a chance to shop independent sellers.

There is some effort involved to track down the best pieces. Often they’ll be gems hidden amongst a sellers stock. I’ve used Etsy to find prints, wonky ceramics, stationary, lighting (I LOVE finding my lighting on Etsy), and best of all, antiques without having to get up at stupid o’clock to go to a market.

I used to be a little sceptical of how craftly and homemade I found Etsy in general, but my shoots wouldn’t be the same without it. Total convert.

Here’s my selection of what I love on Etsy right now and oh, they happen to make great presents too.

Top Tips: Remember to add your shops into ‘favourites’ or you may never find them again! Use an Editors Gift Guide to help you narrow down your search.

For the adults:


  1. Volta Paris Standing Mobile
  2. Set of 5 Copper Saucepans
  3. Bold & Noble Ginkgo Screen Print
  4. Antique Glass and Silver Match Striker
  5. Set of Personalised Notecards
  6. Industrial Brass Scissor Lamp


For the kids:


  1. Becca Stadtlander Flying Kite Print
  2. Plushimoto Fox Doll
  3. Personalised Bookplates Sarah
  4. Personalised Bookplate
  5. Wordy Tray
  6. Seven Whales Stacked Print

What To Buy For The MOST Difficult Customer: The Teenage Girl

I’d like to think I am pretty down with the kids. I’ve worked at magazines, like my fashion and am paid to keep my finger on the pulse (an interiors pulse but it counts okay). But there’s nothing like the fear of shopping for a teenage girl and wondering ‘what do teenagers like these days?’ ‘Am I out of touch?’.

I talk to my best friends too cool for school daughter a lot and feel I have a good sense of her taste but still, the fear is there. One day I am going to buy her a top and she’s going to wince at the idea of wearing it.

So this shopping edit is particularly close to my heart. I’ve bust a gut to gather a selection of gifts that they’ll thank you for.


  1. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Camera
  2. Tatty Devine Name Necklace
  3. Maison Labiche Amour T Shirt
  4. Legendary Party Eyes Kit
  5. If You Have Good Thoughts Print
  6. Retro Embossing Label Maker


…And the stocking fillers…


  1. Paperchase Diary
  2. LaRedoute Slate Blue Linen Pillowcase
  3. Copper Tape
  4. &OtherStories Thin Droplet Ring
  5. Urban Outfitters Yellow Faux-Fur Bum Bag
  6. Calvin Klein Socks

What To Buy For Boys This Christmas




  1. Badger Slippers
  2. The Superhero Comic Kit
  3. British Woodland Animals Print
  4. Maileg Midi Wolf
  5. Silver Reflective Backpack
  6. Bobo Choses Sweatshirt


This list has my son Benjamin’s seal of approval.

We’re a bit wild animal, David Attenborough, Planet Earth obsessed in this house.

He already has these Badger Slippers and would go to school in them if I didn’t stop him. He puts them on every morning and evening without fail and has the matching gloves and hat thank you very much.

My absolute favourite is this Silver Reflective Rucksack which folds away but is a full on reflector. In my experience little boys love anything that glows in the dark. And if nothing else ticks your boxes, chocolates shaped as police cars should be fail-safe!

Stocking Fillers:


  1. Dominoes Set in a Tin
  2. Tiger Egg Cup
  3. Animal Memory Game
  4. Striped Merino-Alpaca Scarf
  5. Rococo Traffic Jam Chocolate
  6. Dinosaur Pencil Rubber

What To Buy For Girls This Christmas

Here’s my edit for your girls this year.  I’ve had my eye on all of these for a while. I have high hopes that these lists will tick the boxes of style conscious mums and their daughters alike.

There are no Shopkins, Trolls, Barbie, Disney Princess blah blah plastic fantastic specials here. I will leave you to choose those beauties based on your daughters personal taste.

I’ve learnt to accept Barbie will have a place at my table.

And most welcome she is too.

As long as there is a smattering (profusion) of beautiful things I don’t mind.  ‘It’s all in the mix’ after all 😉


  1. Roxie Reindeer
  2. Liberty Pattern Paper Balls
  3. Nathalie Leet Paint Box
  4. Vintage Style 1950’s Cream Wicker Doll’s Pram
  5. Pink Fairy In A Jar Light
  6. Glitter Ruffle Skirt

…And the stocking fillers…



  1. Acrylic Unicorn Necklace
  2. Rockahula Glitter Christmas Tree Hair Clips
  3. Rabbit Night Light
  4. Greenberry Kids Snake Knee Socks
  5. Tulle Fairy Wand
  6. Personalised Pencils


Ceramics, Ceramics, Ceramics!

This post falls under my ‘current obsessions’ but frankly that doesn’t go quite far enough to describe how I feel about ceramics. If bowls were pop stars, I’d be the lady lurking in the bushes for an autograph, following the band across Europe shaking with hysteria at their very mention. Erm, anyway.

A lot of my work takes me to prop houses in industrial estates all over London which are bursting at the seams with beautiful ceramics, and my job requires that I have an eye for great tableware. But just styling it up isn’t enough. I am channelling my obsession (taking time off trawlling through Instagram looking at more videos of pots being thrown on the wheel) and listing my favourite makers right now.

By admission, this is a London heavy list. And if you are in the capital over the next coming weeks, a group of artists have launched a pop up shop called Ceramics 274 on Hackney Road which will be open Thurs – Sun & Weds eves in December. Then there’s Turning Earth, a ceramics studio in Hoxton who are having a Christmas sale on 3rd/4th December.

It’s such a simple pleasure to eat and drink from beautiful ceramics pieces. Here’s who I want to invest in for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
In the meantime, I’ll keep practicing at my weekly class. Snoop my Instagram for my progress so far.

Above image from the incredible Clam Lab.


Arianna Russo


Kasper Wurtz


Sue Pryke


Illyria Pottery


Andrea Roman


Ben Sutton


 Gaz Ahmad


Hannah Hybs