Gubi, Let Me Count The Ways

Even if the name isn’t instantly recognisable to you, you’re bound to have seen a Gubi design somewhere. Flick through many an interiors magazine or get stuck for hours scrolling through Pinterest looking at beautiful homes and you’ll spot their lamps and furniture.

To me, a Gubi design is pretty much perfect and when we built our kitchen their pendant lamp was the only choice to hang above the dining table (spot the picture of said kitchen at the bottom). Whether you’re a long-time Gubi fan or are just discovering them, it never hurts to stop and have a good long gander at the most inspiring images of their work. Having only previously seen small selections of their pieces at The Conran Shop, last year on a trip to Copenhagen I made a bee line to their store, needless to say I had to be dragged from the building by friends (I had already spent an hour combing through it all!).

The Gubi story goes that in 1967 Gubi and Lisbeth Olsen opened a store in Denmark to show Gubi’s furniture and lighting designs. Over time their sons joined and in 2001 Jacob Gubi began steering the Gubi name towards international interior greatness. The brand works with artists to design pieces like the Gubi chair that’s now part of the permanent exhibition in the MoMa. It also finds lost design treasures – mostly mid-century – and reissues them. Take the Bestlite lamp, first produced in 1930 by British designer Robert Dudley Best. Gubi spotted in the ‘80s and resurrected it.

But what I love most about Gubi is that you can style it with anything. It looks great in a modern setting but it’s also wonderful for adding a sharpness to a more antique interior. The picture of the lilac sofa in the Parisian apartment will forever be one of my favourites.

My kitchen in London

Three of my favourite Gubi pieces

Semi Pendant Light

Grasshopper Floor Lamp

3D Sledge-Base Bar Stool

P.S If you really love the look but your budget doesn’t stretch to designer interiors it is January after all have a little look at this Knox Grey Floor Lamp you can order now for delivery early February.



The Kids Storage Solution

Anyone else constantly muttering/ grumbling/ screaming about all the tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny little bits and pieces your children seem to endlessly accumulate? I know. Oh and don’t get me started about treading on such items, “Did you just swear Mummy”? Nope must have been your father. Anyway. Help is at hand in the form of these sensational mini baskets by edit58. You can personalise them in various gorgeous coloured wools; have you ever met a child that didn’t like their name written on something? Exactly. Feeling very chuffed with the Sylvanian one I must say.  The entire contents of their Cosy Cottage Starter Home and Garden Barbecue Set will be safe from the vacum cleaner.

Order yours here: Personalised Embroidered Mini Basket

For other kids storage options check out the miniFORD shop where I’ve picked out other baskets and trunks that should keep everything in stylish order.

Larder Love

I’m having a post-Christmas freak out. I’ve over done it on everything – food, drink, BRANDY BUTTER – but strangely my main issue is not tight trousers, it’s with stuff.  I’ve started madly cleaning out cupboards and taking endless bags to the charity shop. For me, you need to forget spring cleaning. Now is the time to do it. Everyone’s a bit skint, the nights are dark and what better time to go through all your cupboards and sort your life out.  If at this point you’re getting a bit worried I’m about to start talking about ‘Sparking Joy’ rolling up your knickers into tiny balls don’t worry. I’m not.

I’d actually like to discuss the joy of a well stocked and organised Larder cupboard. Frankly other than browsing Zara’s New Now section nothing beats a bit of staring at a perfectly organised larder. Some of you may already have a Plain English walk in larder and if you do *sod off* how wonderful for you and do send me a picture.

If you’d like a larder cupboard but don’t have one already I’ve included some that have caught my eye and won’t bankrupt you. At home I have an old cupboard I brought at Ardingly antiques for £300 and it does a wonderful job.

If like me you feel the urge to Pinterest your larder cupboard of a January evening here’s where to get the necessary paraphernalia from.

Above: Devol Pantry Cupboard

The Grande Larder cupboard from Angel & Boho and I’m also loving this from Vintage Street Furniture

Antique brass label holders


Mason Jars and Kilner Jars


Wire Basket

The marble sideboard might be a bit of a stretch but a little slab and some enamel ware isn’t

Baskets and an alternative Recycled Paper Bag which I’m going to try out for storing my potatoes!

Rethinking Hanging Pictures

I think there is only one picture which is actually hanging on the wall in our home at the moment. It’s my job this weekend to change that so given it’s on my mind I thought I’d share some inspiration with you and my thoughts about how to hang your pictures.

My best advice is to try to think a little differently, sometimes I think these things are about being confident enough to stray from conventions.

So yes, you can hang oil paintings in the bathroom and kitchen. And nope, a picture doesn’t always need to be hung. It can be resting on the floor or a mantelpiece. This often looks great when you have a collection or grouping.

You can draw attention to a picture by hanging it in an unusual position – off centre, lower or higher than you would think, in a weird corner or close to a wall. Make it look sort of intentionally wrong.

If you’re grouping pictures you don’t need to frame them all in the same colour. Instead black, white, wood, and colour frames look brilliant all together.

I will post an update on Instagram next week of how I get on in my own home. In the meantime let these pictures get you thinking creatively. And have a browse of the Minford and miniFORD shops that have been updated.  SO many gorgeous things I need to stop myself buying it all!

Photo above is the Jersey Ice Cream Co St. Leonard’s Flat by Jasper B Goldman


John Derian’s bathroom photographed by manolo yllera for architectural digest


John Derian’s home from the book Rooms to Inspire by the Sea


Photograph by Rory Gardiner


Photograph by Paul Massey


Photograph by Frederic Ducout


Ali Cayne gallery wall Remodelista

miniFORD Sales Edit

For the minis that are forever growing and changing, it’s well worth paying attention to the sales.   To shop them to your advantage you need to think what they’ll still be into in the long term. I love reminding Aurelie how horrified she would now be had I let her buy Frozen themed bedding when she wanted it two years ago!

What I’ve found in the sale this January should be good for years to come. There’s the cloud cushion (what’s not to love about a cloud cushion. If it’s a cloud or a star, it’s a yes from me). Finding washed linen and Liberty print in the sale = total no brainer. And I’m completely in love with the pink retro bedside table.

Main image from lab-boutique.com


  1. Cloud Cushion – 30% off
  2. Liberty Cushion  – 30% off
  3. Retro Style Bedside Table – 30% off
  4. Linen Duvet Cover  – 20% off
  5. Green Wire Basket – 30% off
  6. School Desk & Chair – 30% off