The PERFECT summer plates

I’m straight out of the blocks with this one. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes when in my usual course of trawling the New Now section I spotted these from Marks & Spencer.

They’re like your absolute most favourite vintage blue and white china, beloved antique market find but come in a non-breakable wipe down MELAMINE form!

They went straight into my ‘basket’ and arrived this weekend. I can confirm they are a total winner.

Think summer picnics, sandy beach lunches, serious morning fry up glamping action, year round children’s suppers….heck use them as a frisbie if you must.  Just get them before they become that grey jumper with the ruffle statement sleeves or Alexa’s suede skirt and sell out.

Side plate, Dinner plate


Lisa Mehydene of edit58

Remember my current obsession with those kids baskets? Well I thought I’d let you into the world of the woman behind them…Lisa Mehydene is the founder of edit58, an online interiors site that specialises in homeware from around the globe – baskets from California, cushions and blankets from Africa and wall hangings from Nashville. And THE most incredible rugs from Morocco.

It’s the vintage, pink and orange sploshed berber style rugs that first piqued my interest. Then seeing them displayed in her London home, that she shares with her husband and twins, she had me hooked.

I asked Lisa to share how she builds a space and for more details on the task of choosing a rug – something I am seriously picky about!

What draws you to the rugs that you source?

I don’t purchase any rug that doesn’t make my heart sing. It’s an immediate response upon seeing a rug. I know instantly if I want it for edit58. If I have to catch my breath. It has to be mine! It’s really hard to put into words what makes a rug special but I suppose it’s a combination of the colours (i’m a sucker for some pink) the pattern and the overall feel. I’m particularly drawn to those rugs that manage to combine a traditional design with a contemporary twist.

The hardest part of sourcing vintage rugs is that each is a one-off. I find it difficult to part with them as I know I’ll never see them again and they each have a piece of my heart. But it’s also what I love most about sourcing vintage rugs – that a customer has a unique item that no one else in the world has. In an age of mass production that’s something special.

What’s your top tip when buying rugs for your home?

If you choose well, a rug can be in your home forever. Based on that, try and transcend trends and select a rug that really makes your heart skip a beat. Rugs are basically art for your floors. You’ll look at it everyday, it can enhance your mood, change the feel of a space, move with you from home to home. Don’t overthink the decision.

You’ve recently started selling candles can you tell us a bit more about them?

I hold my hands up – I’m a candle addict. It’s an evening ritual to light candles and so it’s become an expensive habit. I had to launch my own brand! In fact, myself and Jon Harvey had been waxing lyrical (sorry!) about doing it for a while, and then mid last year we just decided to bite the bullet and get on with it and ‘atelier58’ was born.

It’s been such an exciting experience. We worked together with a UK scent house to develop our launch scents (Charcoal, Ochre and Blush) and Jon (with my bossy interruptions) developed the branding and packaging all based around a colour palette. We’re so excited to be also launching two new scents/colours for Spring 2017.

What’s your decorating philosophy?

I’m a firm believer in mixing high street, vintage and designer pieces – exactly as I do with my wardrobe. By sticking to this philosophy I feel you end up with a home/space that has texture, history, interest and warmth.

I like to walk into a space and have my eye travel. Based on that, I’m not a minimalist. I surround myself with things picked up on our travels, from special occasions, letters/cards from loved ones etc. I like to look at things and have a memory come to mind. It makes the space personal to me and my family and is what (to me) creates a home.

Again, much like dressing, a room needs layers – so I take into account the space, what the room will be used for and by whom. Furniture can be kept simple, but I like vintage pieces mainly as I like that they have a story to tell. I then like to add texture with rugs, cushions, blankets, wall-hangings and art.

Most recent favourite purchase/ purchases?

The new bed (‘The Beaumont’ from The White Company) is most certainly up there. We had wanted a new bed for years but just couldn’t agree on the one. I had my heart set on a rattan one by Anthropologie, but it sold out and in hindsight I think I would have regretted it in a few years. So when I spotted this one last year (and for literally half the price of similar designs) it ticked all the boxes. I wanted it to be a statement bed, but simple in its lines.

I used the January sales to take the plunge on some Merci linen pillowcases I had had my eye on (with 40% discount).  They’re a lovely quality, and the perfect old pink/grey check, that perfectly matches (mismatches?!) with our La Redoute tassel linen bedding in dusty pink, and our edit58 extra extra long cushion. I really like to mix up the prints on our bedding as I feel it gives a nicer feeling overall. We end up with about 6 layers on our bed (duvet, blankets, eiderdowns, cushions etc) and my husband moans – but I’m the bed maker so I feel I have the right to dress it up as I please!

We are very excited to announce our first giveaway. One lucky reader will be selected at random to win an atelier58 Ochre scented candle.  All you have to do is like the instagram picture on @minford_journal and tag two friends who don’t follow Minford but should.  The winner will be announced next Monday and we’ll be in touch to arrange posting the candel to your home. This competition is open to international readers too. Good luck!


Who doesn’t have an obsession with stationery?? Exactly. After sorting out the home office (see post below) I’ve hunted down the best stationery to fill it with. I’ve cast my eye over ALOT of options and here is my edit. On my mission to find the best stationery for you I’ve also picked up a new obsession which is: Vintage Stationery!  Below are my top five picks and then I just had to stop ‘cos it was getting silly!

Image above of a letter from Jean Cocteau to Coco Chanel dated 1957

  1. Paperchase Thank you letterpress cards
  2. Nkuku Borani Scissors
  3. Blackwing Pack of 12 White Graphite Pencils
  4. Hay Ring Binder
  5. Magnus Peterson Small Concrete Tape Dispenser
  6. Bicycle Letterpress Moleskine Pocket Cahier
  7. Hay outline paper clips
  8. Kartotek Grid Notebook
  9. Polite Company Visual Arts Pencil Set
  10. Paperchase Kraft A4 Storage Box
  11. Midori Brass Ruler
  12. Hema Magazine File
  13. Hay Line Dot L Two Booklets
  14. Another Country Maple Pen Pot


VINTAGE STATIONERY: Some of these will obviously be one off’s so it’s whoever’s quickest!

  1. Vintage French School Labels
  2. 1920’s Blank Index Cards
  3. 3 Vintage Erasers
  4. 3 Vintage French School Books
  5. Vintage Double Sided Rulers

The Home Office

As with all things in interiors taking a room from ‘I bought everything in Ikea’ to a more personal cool space requires a little extra thought. Nowhere is that more evident than when you’re designing your home office. Office furniture needs to be practical and that often means ‘pretty’ gets left behind.

(Nothing wrong with buying from Ikea in fact they do a jolly nice trestle table, chest of drawers and office light – just don’t buy everything from there!)

Making the space feel inviting and giving it some personality is key. Have a mood board above your desk with your favourite paintings and inspiring pictures. Mix old and new.  I think keep your colours neutral  in your office space so that your work/mood board can do the talking.

Desk: Unless you have the luxury of a space where you can make a built in desk then a trestle table is your friend.  They look great but have the added advantage of being able to be quickly broken down if you need your office space for something else. I have the black steel trestle legs from Habitat which are fantastic and come in both small and large sizes.  As for the top that’s entirely up to you.  You could get some reclaimed wood made up into a desk top (my current plan), paint something pine from Homebase white or black or get one of the ready made tops that are often sold along with the trestle legs.

Chair: This obviously needs to be comfortable. Stools look great in a photo but you don’t want to be sitting on one all day. Nor do you want a massive office chair if your office isn’t hidden away. If it happens to look good and be on wheels so much the better but nice ones are often seriously expensive. My top pick is below.

Trolley: I must say I am very taken with this trolley from Cox & Cox.  I think it’s a really useful thing to have in an office space for all your files or boxes and you’ve guessed it, it’s on wheels.

Lamp: There are many routes to go down here and I’ll probably do a post later in the year devoted solely to desk lights but for now this company is my current favourite – LongMadeCo in America. I have a friend who orders all their lights from them. They look really expensive but are still a great price.  Don’t let the fact that they are in America put you off. International shipping is a thing of joy!

Below are my favourite office spaces to inspire you with your own home office.

We’re following on from here with a stationery special on friday so be sure to check back then!

  1.  Cox & Cox Vintage Metal Trolley
  2. Long Made Co Scissor Lamp
  3. Design Vintage Le Sac Recycling Bag
  4.  Hay About A Chair AAC27 Available in loads of different colours!
  5. Habitat Black Steel Trestle Legs  also available in small
  6. Bisley Filing Cabinet



Loving Red


Emmanuelle Alt is my spirit animal.

The Vogue Paris editor-in-chief rolls out of bed looking fabulous in jeans and a t-shirt like she hasn’t really bothered. On a morning when I don’t want to faff about in my wardrobe, it’s Alt-y I turn to for inspiration.

Last week, having bought some excellent suck-it-all-in heavy denim jeans from & Other Stories I was contemplating what shoes to wear them with. They’re ankle grazing, straight legged and with the wrong shoe it could all slide downhill into bad ’90s throwback very quickly. Then I found this pic above of EA wearing her jeans with red shoes. And so ensued my joining the Red Accessories Appreciation Society.

Despite my best efforts however, the red shoes escaped me. I couldn’t stretch to the Maryam Nassir Zadeh mules (below), YSL is for another lifetime and there wasn’t anything on the high street. I got some red socks to get me half way there and put my Dorothy ideas on hold. Then my beloved Mango nailed it (along with &OtherStories they are my current high street shop of choice. And nope I am not getting paid to write this!) I didn’t get shoes, but a nice little handbag – £50, great size, and slung across the body it ticks the red box nicely thank you so much.

Mango red suede cross body bag

While you’re there remember the navy velvet platform shoes that I posted before Christmas? Well they’re in the sale with a whopping 60% off! I have worn them so much, they have been seriously admired and also have the added bonus of being surprising comfy.