If You've Got A Downstairs Loo Then Wallpaper It!

Continuing on my quest to bring joy to January I’d like to discuss the stylist hot potato that is wallpaper.

I love wallpaper, I’ve just never had the courage to go for it. I had a brief foray into the “feature wall” trend when that was a thing but never went for the full on whole room situation. There was just too much, What if I don’t like it? What if I fall out of love with it? It’s flipping expensive and unless you’re completely mad, or very gifted, you need to pay someone to put it up for you.

Well my advice if you’re of a similar disposition is to dip your toe in the water (not literally) with a downstairs loo – the obvious advantage being you can close the door so it’s not always glaring out at you. When you do venture in it makes the whole experience a jolly one. And go the whole hog: layer up the pictures and photos, display that school cup for effort. This is not the place to hold back – in more ways than one.

Below are a selection of my all time favourites. Most are available in other colourways but I’m currently feeling a green foliage countryside vibe (not to be confused with the botanical trend which incidentally I’m sick of.)

Above: Marthe Armitage Hand Lino Block Printed Oakleaf Wallpaper

Ben Pentreath’s London flat.

Zoffany ‘Richmond Park’ Wallpaper, £52.95 per roll

Sandberg ‘Raphael’ Wallpaper, £89 currently reduced to £71.20 per roll

House Of Hackney, Castanea, Wallpaper, £185 currently reduced to £166.50 per roll

Cole & Son ‘Hummingbirds’ Wallpaper, £105 currently reduced to £94.50 per roll

Lewis & Wood ‘Beech’ Wallpaper, £65.52 per roll

Pierre Frey ‘Espalier’ Wallpaper

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