Winter Coats: I've rounded up 20 of my favourites

Get the right winter coat and you can make any outfit look put together.

I know this only too well from my school run, dog walking escapades; even dashing out the door in your trainers and trackies can look chic if you’re throwing on a winning coat.

To that end, I’ve rounded up my favourites from this season in the hope that I can make your mission easier. The great news is there are some real gems on the high street this year, even H&M has some great shapes (check out this one from the Studio collection). I’ve also popped in a few more luxe options if you’re looking for more of an investment, nothing too crazy though, everything is under £600.

The cherry on the cake though is that this weekend Liberty has a mid season sale and we’re not talking crap they haven’t sold from this summer, oh no. Were talking this season Marant Etoile, APC, Alexa Chung and Masscob all with 30% off until the 5th of October.

Joy and sunshine is thin on the ground right now but this news is surely a little twinkle.

Image above: H&M Studio Wool-blend coat, £149.99