Wear Your Art: Chinti & Parker x Caroline Popham

Caroline Popham’s work takes pride of place in my house. One of her paintings literally hangs above my bed. And as of today, her work is going to be filling my wardrobe too. 

Caroline has collaborated with fashion label Chinti & Parker who have turned her minimalistic paintings into a collection of jumpers and t-shirts.

I’ve spent a lot of time sitting in Caroline’s Clapham studio watching the latest paintings emerge. She’a a master of colour and restraint, frankly I’d have a piece of her work on every wall of the house if I could afford it. She also happens to be a dab hand at styling up a painter’s boiler suit with a bit of Marant, so it was only a matter of time before the fashion crowd came calling.

“I took a stack of paintings and collages into Chinti & Parker and we had a really fun time looking at prints and paintings, looking at graphic shapes and all their fabrics,” explains Caroline. “It’s was a really great process, all of us in the design studio surrounded by paintings getting excited about what we could do.”

Needless to say I can’t get enough of being able to be a Popham walking work of art. Last Friday I decided to surprise Caroline by wearing one of her t-shirts to her recent birthday dinner, ahead of today’s launch. We rendezvoused on the platform at the tube. “When you came skipping down the platform in my t-shirt laughing away, it felt very surreal. I can’t wait for people to enjoy wearing this collection.”

The collaboration launches today.

Chinti & Parker x Caroline Popham

Skirt – Rouje

Shoes – Gray Matters

Earrings – Wolf & Gypsy Vintage

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