My three favourite colours from the new Farrow & Ball launch

One of the highlights of London Design Week for me was visiting the interactive space where Farrow & Ball were presenting their new range of paint colours. They only do this every two or three years so everyone was understandably a bit excited. Inside, the building was super dark and big on the sensory experience, not to mention having it’s own Japanese tea house – I must confess to spending a goodly amount of time there quietly chatting to a friend while sipping tea cross legged on a rattan cushion.

You may have seen a few images on my Insta Stories at the time but I decided to let it all sink in and take a look at the sample pots in the cold light of day. Clearly, choosing paint is a hugely personal affair but if you’re interested on my thoughts these are my three favourites from the new collection.

Sulking Room Pink – I mean if you were going to choose a paint based soley on the name surely this would be it? Inspired by the colours often used in boudoirs, a room originally named after the French word ‘bouder’ – to sulk. I love a dirty, sludgy pink so this is an easy win for me.

Paean Black – A Georgian-inspired, red-based black inspired by the colour of old leather hymnals. Don’t be scared of this: it’s wonderful. Would look amazing used on a cupboard or a door.

De Nimes – Inspired by the cloth of everyday workwear originally made in the French city of the same name. Yes please.

I’ve photographed them around the house in cold and warm light to give you an idea of what they look like. Always make sure you paint big pieces of paper with your chosen colour, and pin them up in different corners of the room you’re planning to decorate and then keep going back to see how the light changes the colour during the day.

My tip for the top if you’re in paint colour-choosing-sample-pot-hell is to head to Designer Paint. You can order samples and get free colour cards from all of the different brands in one convenient order.

The bathroom is north facing so has a cold light

The sitting room and bedroom are south facing so have a warmer light

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Hi, just wondering what colour is on your walls. It’s goes really well with the new F&B colours. Thanks!