I’ve noticed a little trend emerging. Let’s call it a mini trend for the moment. Certain members of the fashion crowd and various members of the interiors world seem to be going mad for shells right now. Not in a themed house by the seaside way, instead they’re dotted about as ornaments on coffee tables or serving as soap dishes. Granted this treads a tight rope between cool and seriously naff. The trick to styling this one is to steer well clear of any further nautical themed accessories. View them as ‘objects’ to style with your other ceramics or collections.  I love a brass shell on a coffee table or a place to store a few pieces of jewellery, and of course there’s the endlessly pleasing option of using a real shell as a soap dish.

If you’re feeling brave, add one little wall sconce next to the bed. Then there are those who really want to invest – for that you have Soane Britain’s incredible Venus chairs in velvet or rattan which to me is the absolute dream piece.

This shell thing isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea but I’ll wager we haven’t seen the last of this idea yet.

Shell sink

Shell style chairs in Sketch, London

Scales in the bathroom, The Green Room Interiors

Lisa Says Gah

Lisa Says Gah


  1. Shell Tray
  2. Silver Sterling Shell Dish
  3. Soane Britain Chair
  4. Zelliges Tiles
  5. Brass Wall Sconces


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