The perfect table linen for an English summer evening

The sunshine filled days of late have certainly gone a long way to making lockdown that bit more bearable. We are incredibly fortunate to have a garden and have been duly making the most of every last inch of it. My fingers are that bit greener and my trampoline skills rival that of a flexible eight year old, but the the highlight of the garden for me is being able to eat outside.

With no restaurant visits for the foreseeable, all efforts (with what little energy I have left at the end of the day!)  go into making our home dining experiences as pleasurable as possible. In another life I’m Nancy Lancaster, Lady Rhoda Birley and the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire all rolled into one and so with plenty of time on my hands to live out the ‘life’ of my alter ego, all be it in a small garden in Stockwell, I’m going for all out blousy English eccentric joyfulness.

If there was ever a tablecloth to encapsulate such a life then Yolke’s new foxglove print linen one is it. With a set of matching napkins and printed onto super fine European linen it feels seriously old-school-smart but looks surprisingly modern. I for one am completely obsessed and will be completing the matchimalism look by dining under the apple tree in the matching foxglove pyjamas, gin in my hand, spade in the other. If you don’t have a garden then no matter, bedeck yourself and the kitchen table in the exact same manner and just add a couple of jugs of supermarket flowers. It’s so pretty you’ll forget for a few minutes that you’re not in the middle of the English countryside.

Yolke linen foxglove tablecloth, £110 . Set of 4 linen foxglove napkins, £64

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Katie J

This is gorgeous Twig. 💕