The hand washes that will look beautiful by your sink and also have great eco credentials

I’ve written about sustainable design for my last two features for The Glass Magazine and yet the subject has been rather scarce over here on the journal . As I pondered what to write for my latest post I thought it was high time that fact was changed.

We’ve all known since we were toddlers that washing our hands is something of a necessity,  but now we’re grown ups how to do it in style and with a clear conscience?

A brand that has really caught my eye of late is Marie-Stella-Maris. A company with a social mission and a high design aesthetic, 5% of their annual turnover goes to funding clean drinking water projects and to the Marie-Stella-Maris foundation. All their products are sustainably sourced and made from organic ingredients. My favourite part is the refill process. You buy a recyclable pouch and that gets you two full refills and a saving of £13.

Increasingly more brands are getting their act together as it’s becoming clear that if you’re going to survive as a retailer you need to have a robust answer to the question of sustainability. L’Occitane for example also now offer refill pouches on a selection of their products and Neal’s Yard are the first UK brand to be certified with a ‘Look for the Zero’ logo.

I can’t possibly finish without mentioning the wonderful East London based Soap & Co. Their ingredients and packaging are as eco friendly as it gets, right down to their compostable stickers and biodegradable glue but that’s not the half of it. 80% of their employees are blind, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged.

Scroll down for the products that will have your downstairs loo looking super chic without causing you any eco anxiety.

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Colleen Kelsall

Brilliant, thank you. Was searching for info and voila.