The definitive guide to the best pyjamas for girls and boys this Christmas

Things are going to go unashamedly Christmas from this point on. It’s the 16th of November and in my book that means it’s time to dive fully in. I’ve got a date tomorrow with a friend ’round the corner to make industrial batches of Nigella’s Christmas tiffin, there’s been a lot of talk about freezer space (aka embracing middle age) and I’ve just picked up a copy of the 2019 Guinness Book of Records. Yes people. Christmas is happening!

If you’re struggling to get into the groove the best way to kick off your Christmas shopping in my book is with a children’s pyjama purchase. Whether you’re in the ‘new for Christmas Eve supper’ or ‘squash them in their stocking for Christmas morning’ camp pyjamas undoubtedly make brilliant presents for kids. This year I’ve rounded up a whopping 20 of my favourites to make choosing the perfect pair spectacularly easy.

If you’re scrolling through this and thinking it’s all a bit chic where’s the fleece offering? I’m happy to recommend this and this I just don’t want to post a picture of them next to all that vintage inspired loveliness. LOL.

Image above Faune

Faune Cotton Nightdress, £50

Camomile London Floral Cotton Pyjamas, £49

M&S Pure Cotton Flower Pyjamas, £16-£22

Powell Craft Girls White Cotton Nightdress £35

Boden Cosy All-In-One Pyjamas, £24-£28

Turquaz Girls Pink Cotton Pyjamas, £30

White Company Gingham Flannel Pyjamas, £26

Petit Bateau Velour Girls Pyjamas, £49


Jigsaw Gingham Pyjamas, £29

Boden Festive Pyjama Set, £28-£32

Poplin Unisex Classic Children’s Nightshirt, £48



Camomile Double Check Unisex Pyjamas, £42

John Lewis Check Woven Pyjamas, £18-£22

Joules Woven PJ Set, from £29

Cyrillus Velour Pyjamas, £38

Faune Cotton Pyjamas, £54

White Company Flannel PJs, £26

Turquaz Brushed Cotton Check Pyjamas, £29

Boden Woven Pyjamas Set, £26 – £30

M&S Pure Cotton Pyjamas, £16-£22

Cyrillus Checked Pyjamas, £32





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you always make me laugh! and i’m always inspired by your posts…so glad you do this!