Support Independents across the country by shopping online at Trouva - Kids Edit

I started collating everything for this post this morning and was going to finish writing it after the kids had gone to bed.

I’m finishing it now knowing that in the U.K we are all in lockdown.

I’m slightly lost for words to be honest. Not surprised, it’s just quite tricky writing copy and not just deleting the whole lot because everything you write sounds so irrelevant.

So here are two simple points:

The first is that children are going to be at home for the foreseeable future with ALOT of time on their hands.

The second is that there are thousands of independent shops whose businesses are going to really struggle to get through this without folding.

Here’s a way that you can help them. Trouva is an e-commerce site that enables you to shop online from over 500 independent bricks and mortar boutiques. That means that you can shop the local high street but stay safely at home.

Below is my edit of the best bits and bobs to keep your little ones occupied. If you don’t have children yourself, consider sending out a few little presents to those that do, you can send it directly to them, I’m pretty sure no one’s going to worry about them not being wrapped right now.

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