Styling an Easter table

For me, Easter day is just as special as Christmas day and this year is no exception! Despite the lockdown and all the sadness and uncertainty that surrounds us, I’m determined that we put our party clothes on and celebrate. If you haven’t already seen the full how to on IGTV click here and then you can listen to me waffling on about this table set up for a good 10 minutes.

The starting point was CLJ Home’s exquisite hand dyed tablecloth and napkins. Remember my post earlier in the week about dying napkins with forsythia? Well I loved them so much I got her to send them to me along with a tablecloth dyed with pine cones to the most perfect shade of Minford pink.

For the place settings I used my trusty Brickett Davda dinner plates which come in a variety of soft pastel colours. I laid the napkins on top of the plates and then tied them with big hand dyed silk ribbons – the beautiful burnt orange colour was inspired by the inside of a daffodil head. I then tucked in a sprig of forget-me-not into the bows for a little pop of blue colour. Finally, Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a few eggs at the table and so I decorated some blown eggs using paper napkins from Antoinette Poission.

Here’s how you can to:

To blow the eggs:
Make a small hole in the top and bottom of a fresh egg using the tip of a sharp paring knife or a skewer. Poke a toothpick in the holes to break the membrane so the egg contents can come out. Put your lips over the pointy end of the egg and blow the contents into a bowl. Save the contents of the egg for later use. Don’t blow too hard or you might break the egg. A steady medium stream of air works best. Dry off the ends of the eggs.
To decorate them:
Separate all the ply’s of the paper napkin. Keep the top ply that has the pattern on it. Cut out small single designs in the napkin and set aside. Add a bit of Mod Podge or PVA glue to a foam brush or an old painting brush and paint a small area onto the egg and cover that area with one of the cut out pieces. Smooth the tissue down to the egg by using a bit more glue over the tissue and then gently smooth it down with your finger. Work on a small area and let it dry on a piece of wax paper or other nonstick surface. Keep working on a small area at a time until the egg is covered.

If you can’t be bothered to make your own, a coloured egg box filled with foil-covered supermarket chocolate eggs tied with a pretty bow make a lovely table gift, and add that much-needed bit of kitsch to a table too.

It may only be family at your table, but why not make everyone feel special with a personalised place name? These beauties are by the Styled Writing Company, but if you’re doing your own, why not try a bit of calligraphy yourself? There are plenty of video tutorials online – use brown ink instead of black, and instead of place cards, use regular cards and envelopes, so you can add a message at the same time. If you want to get your children involved, design a potato print to stamp in the top right corner – for more inspiration check out Molly Mahon’s wonderful Instagram feed.

For hand dyed fabric commissions contact CLJ Home . For calligraphy place names contact The Styled Writing CoBrickett Davda heather eathernware dinner plate, £44 each . Pompom & Blossom silk hand dyed ribbon, £4.40 per yard . British Colour Standard boxed set of 6 recycled glass tumblers, £42 . For similar tapered candles try these ones from Ester & Erik

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