How To Style A Winter Mantlepiece

In the spring I wrote about how to style flowers on the mantelpiece. I thought it was about time, having already rolled right through autumn, that I returned to the living room to create a floral display for the winter season.

As the nights have closed in (that’s code for it’s pitch black at 3:00pm and I am already depressed about it) I’ve been drawn to something decidedly cheerful – asparagus fern. Wispy and delicate, sprayed in matte gold for just a hint of sparkle, I spotted it in Covent Garden Flower Market and couldn’t resist.

But what to actually do with the stuff?

My compostion tips:

Start by picking a few branches and lying them across your mantelpiece.

Layer up the ferms on top of each other paying attention to how each branch moves, falls and drapes. You don’t want it to feel too heavy.

Knot the branches together with twine in the middle so that your display isn’t in danger of coming undone. Hide the knot with a strategically placed branch.

Once you’ve draped the fern, take some of the weight out by cutting away a few sprigs so it doesn’t start to look too chunky.

A huge bunch will set you back around £45 but if you’re looking for a project you could spray paint your own foraged foliage instead.



My mantlepiece was inspired by Robbie Honey’s mono florals from last week. You could use any type of foliage or flower to get this look but my top stylist tip is keep it all the same for maximum impact.

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