Stop what you're doing - Ladurée have collaborated with Antoinette Poisson...

There’s a much lengthier more informative decorating post on its way but for now I’m interrupting proceedings with an important news flash.

Ladurée have collaborated with Antoinette Poisson.

For those of your who don’t know who that is that would be my favourite French patisserie and my favourite French ‘paper conservators’.

My concerns about these only being available in Paris were laid to rest by a visit to the Laduree Covent Garden store. An entirely unnecessary purchase one could argue but I left with a spring in my stride and a smile on my face.

Guzzle the macaroons and then use the box to put your buttons, jewellery, favourite whatever in there. Frankly grab a Maileg mouse and make a little bed to play ‘we’ve all moved to a French chateau’ in there. Whatever. You just have to have one.

Ladurée x Antoinette Gift Box from £18


Finding a home on my mantlepiece

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