A Simple Grey & Gold Christmas Table

There are many ways to style your Christmas table from pared down Kinfolk style to clashing colours and huge bows. Nothing is wrong in my opinion.

This year I’m thinking I’m going to try to have two options up my sleeve because let’s face it, the 11 and 8 year old of the family are hardly going to squeal with delight at the sight of layers of washed grey linen and a whole lot of pared back foliage. They’re much more likely to roll their eyeballs and groan ‘Mummy it looks so Minford’.

The more style gestapo among you may say tough but I’m getting a bit soft in my old age so I’m just going to have to suck it up and go for something a tad more pleasing on the kids front. I’m currently planning icey North Pole vibes with Schleich toy polar bears and arctic foxes all over the place, and these crackers from Paperchase (now reduced to £12.25 – result).

Kids happy and tucked up in bed it’s time to please the grown ups. As you may have seen from my mantlepiece post last week I’m currently really enjoying grey and gold as a combination. So yesterday I styled up the kitchen table so you can see what I’m planning this year.

I started with the gold asparagus fern and pared it with some other gold sprayed grasses. I added in a few gold apples and then dotted some silver votives with gold insides down the table for a warm Christmasy glow. I’ve had my eye on these pretty etched champagne saucers from Rowen & Wren for a while and think they are the perfect fit with the delicate foliage.

For the place setting I used Brickett Davda plates in blues, greys and browns and then added darker grey linen napkins and finished them off with a gold lame ribbon and one of Rowen & Wren’s beautiful metal gift tags.

Dressed up, but not too much. I’m styling my table like my clothes this Christmas.


Photos by Sarah Maingot

Heal’s ‘Slate’ Linen Napkins £10 each

Rowen & Wren Saison Metal Gift Tags, £18 for 24

John Lewis Gold Lame Ribbon, £2.75

 Brickett Davda Dinner Plates, from £32

Rowen & Wren Set Of 4 Champagne Saucers, £38

Grey Washed Linen Tablecloth, similar from La Redoute from £41.25


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