Send and make Easter cards as if it were Christmas

Is it just me or have the smallest things become seriously exciting?

I found fresh croissants and fruit in our local little supermarket this morning and I was certifiably close to tears when I spotted the last packet of gluten free flour. Oh how things have changed. It’s flipping hard, but I’m certain it’s actually really good for us. Never again will we take a humble box of eggs for granted, never mind some good old loo roll.

In this vein I’d love to encourage you all to send some Easter cards, or how about you send a lot? I feel a bit isolated and there are four other people living in our house. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be self isolating on your own. There is so much power in a hand written card, they never fail to bring some cheer, especially in a time of crisis.

So, this afternoon we set about painting and writing some cards; a moment of tranquility in an more than occasionally  fractious and short tempered day.  We painted watercolour flowers and the children wrote some of these super sweet Papier note cards which I’m also going to send as Easter presents. Papier is a treasure trove of designs and not at all just for children. I also have become rather taken with painting on envelopes. I’ve not done that before but it is a new tradition that I fully intend to embrace.

Getting making and tag me on Instagram so I can see what you’ve all been up to.


Papier ‘Bunny’ Notecard set, £20 for 10

Paper Tree Nook, Italian decorative wrapping paper, £2.30

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