Rethinking Gloss Paint

If the idea of gloss paint conjures up images of brilliant white doors and skirting boards in a low budget rented flat, then allow me to convince you it’s time for a rethink.

I’ve been mulling over the high shine vibe for a while, especially having seen it styled to perfection in the Plain English showroom (I regularly pop in for a quick stroke when I’m in the vicinity). But it was stumbling upon a fireplace at a recent visit to Howe that convinced me it was high time I shared the idea with you all. As I walked downstairs surrounded by all the usual antique gorgeousness I happened upon a mantlepiece painted in bubblegum gloss pink. Yes. Totally unexpected in that context but there was nothing Katie Price about it let me tell you.

It doesn’t stop there. A snoop around Faye Toogood’s old house will show you that she had a thing for gloss paint as well. The hallway doors and woodwork were painted in a beautiful deep blue tone and the architrave between the sitting rooms was in a dark grey.

In my opinion one of keys to really successful interiors is using texture in an inspiring and unexpected way. Gloss paint is brilliant for bouncing light around and looks amazing when combined with matt chalky textures.

So, if you’re feeling brave and in the mood for experimenting here’s what I suggest:

Try painting the inside of a cupboard.  This would work particularly well in a wardrobe or glass/ make your own cocktail bar at home type affair.

Paint window frames or doors but go for either a matching colour to the walls or a darker tone.

Think about painting your hallway either half way up the wall or go all out and do the whole thing.

If you want to get the professionals in then why not paint your ceiling? Decorating legend Ilse Crawford’s apartment AND office space have beautiful off white shiny gloss ceilings .

Frankly if it’s good enough for Ilse…


The Dutch Kitchen by Plain English

Ilse Crawford’s Apartment

Ilse Crawford’s Office

Faye Toogood’s Home

Faye Toogood’s Home

Faye Toogood’s Home

The mantlepiece at Howe

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Hi Twig, I’m inspired by isle’s ceilings and Faye Toogood’s old house that I have bought some gloss paint for my door frames but I doubt I will stop there. I’m fed up of expensive eggshell chipping at the slightest knock. If you’ve any tips by the way to prevent chips I’d love to hear them. Thanks for this post. It’s totally what I’m lusting after at the moment and I’ve not seen the plain English kitchen before anywhere ✨

Rachel Griffiths

Do you think Ilse would be open to me moving into her home? If I behaved very well and helped with tidying up!