These Pillowcases Are Part Of My Essential 'How To Survive Winter' Kit

It’s January, which means no more bedazzled Mr Christmas tree with his cheerful, mood enhancing twinkly lights. He’s long gone I’m afraid.

No, we are now in what I call ‘hardcore January’. Dark when you wake up, dark when you get home. Cold, grey, invariably drizzling, and frankly, if you’re not careful really bloody miserable.

This year there’s been no sneaking up on me taking me by surprise by this winter malarkey, oh no.  I’m up to my eyeballs in multivitamins and my new Christmas cashmere hoodie is rarely off my back. I’ve also had a potentially controversial thought about bedding…

I’m going to say something really outrageous now which is that – sometimes, only sometimes, very rarely in fact – washed linen just doesn’t cut it on the pillow front. When you’re in ‘hardcore winter’ may I urge you to consider adding a touch of brushed cotton. (No one say flannel).

These ones from John Lewis are perfect. Grey with a fine stripe in SUPER soft cotton. Trust me it makes getting into bed a game changing experience.

Before you know it I’ll be buying an electric blanket.

John Lewis Croft Collection Brushed Cotton Pillowcase, £12 each

Just seen: John Lewis Croft Collection Herringbone Stripe Pillowcase, Loch Blue, £12 each

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