Palest Pink Bathrooms

If I am being completely straight with you, now that I’m not 14, I couldn’t give a s*** about Valentine’s Day.

I don’t particularly like red roses and I’m definitely not a fan of the cute messages and forced dinner. Oh and don’t even think about waving a teddy holding a heart anywhere near me.

However, what I can definitely get on board with about V-day is the copious amount of pink.  I am a big fan of the shade in the palest blush, nude end of the spectrum and so am bending this ‘holiday’ into talking about my favourite way to use pale pink in your home (I know, it’s such a natural jump) but stick with me. Here’s the thing, if Valentine’s makes you feel like chucking up, at least do so in the best looking toilet bowl you can find.

Here’s my love letter to the prettiest bathrooms out there.

Image above: Robert Stein

Image M Johnson

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