Outdoor Living - Part 1

Five acres of park land, a tiny city garden or a postage stamp size balcony if you’ve got outdoor space right now you’re sure as heck going to be using it. I mean, imagine if we were in lockdown during November? or worse still a cold and rainy February?…

Embracing the silver linings therefore of not only having a garden, but also lots of time to spend in it during some of my favourite months of the year, I’ve become rather obsessed with all things outdoor living.

If you’re in a similar frame of mind then you may be interested in my little list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to garden furniture. Whether you want to reinvent what you currently own or invest in a few new pieces I’ve offered a few hints to point you in the right direction.


– Have cushions and seat pads recovered if you don’t like the ones they come with or you’d like a change. The Cloth House┬áis your friend here and is delivering worldwide online.

– Consider something more modern but not TOO modern ( no gimmicky orange plastic please). Think 1950s black metal legs for a chic south of France vibe. You can easily mix this style with more traditional pieces.

– Leave your rattan outside in the rain to get rid of the yellowish varnish. It may decrease it’s life slightly but will make it much more enjoyable.

– Consider the environment. Have a look at Ferm Living’s new chair Desert Lounge chair which has a fabric seat made from recycled plastic bottles or check out the Mater Ocean collection made from recycled fishing nets and plastic.


– Buy the matching set of table, chairs, sun lounger and BBQ trolley if you don’t want your garden to look like it’s jumped out of an advert at the back of the Sunday Times Magazine.

Below are the fruits of my extensive trawling of the current online garden furniture offerings if you happen to be in the market for a new chair or two.

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