My latest loafer discovery

One of the first posts I ever wrote for Minford was about a pair of loafers.  A £59.99 pair from Mango to be precise. I wore them so much they have now fallen apart. Lots of you bought them, but hands down my favourite piece of ‘feedback’ was from a friend who told me that whilst waiting in the queue of a North London coffee shop she was asked if they were ‘vintage Celiné?’ The best bit of the story is that as her coffee arrived she proudly proclaimed ‘yes!’ and ran out!

Ever since mourning the loss of my Celinés I have been in search of a replacement pair. I tried an awful lot on and I am pleased to announce that I have struck gold in the most unlikely of places. Wait for it – All Saints.  I know right? Not the first place you’d think of for a loafer but they are so super super I’ve worn them every day since they arrived.

If you like them be quick as they are selling out fast.  When I ordered them the site said they had sold out online but would source a pair from in store and send them straight to me.  Sure enough three days later they arrived 🙂

 All Saints Loafers, £148

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