My holiday wardrobe edit

If the word holiday makes you think colourful clashing patterns, tassels and pompoms for your wardrobe then let me stop you right there. Best you stop reading now.

Ok, if you’re still with me then I’m here to discuss my years of packing fails and the fact that I’m getting a bit better at putting together something that resembles a capsule wardrobe. This year is going to be my best yet and as such I’m keeping it super, super simple. A core non colour palette of Black (I LOVE black for the summer), white & cream mixed in with a touch of muted buttery yellow, nude and terracotta.

The key to success is to make sure that absolutely everything works with everything. Then you just need to pair it all with baskets large or small depending if it’s a trip to the market or out to dinner.

My final essential is a classic grey cashmere jumper. If it turns chilly on the beach there is nothing nicer than a soft jumper over your bikini.


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