Looking for a stylish kids cooker? Look no further...

Ahh the children’s toy cooker.  A rights of passage for many a parent.  I’ve been there with two different incarnations.

What I can tell you is that children love them and play with them for years. You definitely get your money’s worth, not just great for your own kids, they’re also brilliant for playdates or entertaining the little people while you’re trying to have a coffee and a catch up. But, the best bit from my perspective is that they have the added bonus of actually being able to store a surprising amount of other toys in them. Perfect when embarking on a smash and grab pre dinner party tidy up.

When a child’s tiny kitchen play set makes you want to repaint your cupboards a sludgy berry pink you know you’ve hit gold. Danish brand Flexa Play make this kitchen and also do a shop and a tool bench.  Nothing gaudy, flashing or sickly here, just muted loveliness that will blend into even the most stylish of homes.

They take 4-6 weeks to arrive so if you’re planning on the big reveal on Christmas morning crack on and order it now. Just a quick word of advice from an old sage, don’t leave it until Christmas Eve evening to assemble it.

Above: Flexa Play Toy Cooker, £156

Flexa Play Workbench, £156

Flexa Play Shop, £156


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