Let's all get excited for Easter - Shopping guide

Right now, I think it’s fair to say that everyone is struggling and a bit (or a lot) anxious and worried. Some of you will be ill and some of your will know someone who is ill. For me personally, I have friends who have had the virus that are now well, and I also know a friend’s mother who is in intensive care with it. Some of you will be reading this from a flat with no garden in the city and some of you will be in the countryside surrounded by fields. Some of you live alone, some of you have three children under five and want some personal space.

I’ve had a little idea and I’m hoping that it may help to brighten the next two weeks. How about if we all treat Easter a little bit like Christmas? Send cards, decorate the house, lay the table, arrange flowers: you get the picture. I’m calling it #ExcitedforEaster and I’ve called upon a group of my creative pals to help out and give you all some great tips and ideas. In the next two weeks you’ll be treated to a wreath-making how-to by florist Kitten Grayson, an egg-decorating tutorial by designer and illustrator Isla Simpson, a tablescaping class from yours truly and even a cocktail making demo by author and fashionista Katherine Ormerod. The list goes on.

To kick #ExcitedforEaster off today I’ve rounded up some gifts that you might like to send or buy for your own kids. I’m going to send a little something to each of my Godchildren and also get a few bits and bobs to cheer up my own kids come the Easter weekend.

Illustration above by Isla Simpson

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I want it all!!!!!!!!!


A wonderful idea. Can’t wait to decorate my home and make it sweet and lovely for my girls