Laundry Room Inspiration

Absolutely hands down the coolest thing I’ve done in my career to date is being interviewed by Jane Garvey on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour. I’ve kept my visitors badge which I’m fully intending to display in the loo in a little red frame like a certificate for swimming or ‘trying really hard in phonics’. The reason for such blatant boasting is the subject of washing. I stayed behind to do an extra thing for their podcast (we’d been discussing using space in a family home) and ‘Jane’ 😉 asked me what the single biggest issue facing a family with children was. Well we all know it’s washing, so I got very over excited and proclaimed that it’s every woman’s fantasy to have their own laundry room. Obviously she laughed in my face but I assured her she would be surprised. Am I wrong?

As I mentioned in one of the first posts I ever wrote for Minford we are the very proud owners of a tiny downstairs loo and laundry room having previously had the washing machine in the kitchen and our clothes drying on every radiator around the house. With three children’s washing to get through every day it’s been a total game changer.

You may have plans afoot for a Martha Stewart style laundry make over and if so there’s plenty of inspiration below. But no matter where you live there is always a way of making the daily chore of doing the washing a more pleasurable one. My children like nothing more than a bath towel freshly out of the dryer and stinking of Lenor fabric conditioner. What you really need is a good system and some order and a few bits and bobs to add some joy to the whole process.  It can be as simple as putting your washing powder in a glass jar or buying some laundry spray for the ironing.

A friend was telling me yesterday about replacing her plastic laundry baskets for rattan ones.  ‘There’s no doubt about it boys stinky pants smell better in a bit of French wicker’.


Devol Home Handmade Wooden Clothes Horse, £130

Cox & Cox Rattan Rectangular Basket, £45

Kilner 2l Clip Top Storage Jar, £4.50

The Laundress Delicate Wash, £14.50 and Ironing Water, £13.95

Steele Canvas Canvas Bin £74.33 + Shipping 

John Lewis Oval Wire Basket, £14

Tine K Home Market Basket, £38



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I have added your photos to my laundry room board on Pinterest – here is the link if you want to take a look 😉