You Know That Impossible To Find Rattan Bed? Well I've Found It...

I have been looking for a single rattan bed for what feels like years. Every time I think I’ve actually found one I click on the dreaded link which informs me ‘shipping in the US only’ or ‘come and see our amazing store. In Australia’.

1st Dibs frequently comes up trumps on the vintage front but hey I don’t have a spare couple of grand for a nice 1950’s Italian number at the moment.

I did get tantalising close with La Redoute but there’s was only actually ever available in a cot bed size and has now completely disappeared from their site.

BUT, drum roll please, I’ve actually flipping found one! and not just a bed, but a whole family of rattan friends begging to come and live at my house.

The bed is made to order in 8-10 weeks but frankly after all this time I think I can wait.

Above Image by Constance Gennari

Wallpaper – Cole & Son Hummingbirds

Bonton Bohème Rattan Bed, £338

Bonton Bohème Rattan Bookshelf, £222

Bonton Bohème Rattan Children’s Table, £58

Bonton Bohème Rattan Chair, £142

Bonton Bohème Rattan Shelf, £76

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