It's that good old conundrum...WHAT winter coat are you buying? Read on for my picks

This. Is. Very. Simple.

I have chosen coats that I’d be very happy to wear.

Except picking from hundreds of coats is actually not as straight forward as it seems. Do you invest? Do you spend eye-watering amounts of money so you don’t have to buy again for years to come? Do you succumb to the puffer trend because who doesn’t want to wear a duvet? Expect will you look like a teenager in it? What if you make a mistake and think you found ‘the one’ only to spot another that you’d much prefer? Coat shopping (yes, it’s a major first world problem) is really taxing.

So I sacrificed hours of internet coat wormholes to bring you dear reader something wonderful to sling on in the winter.

Above: Isabel Marant Étoile double-breasted bouclé coat, £530

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