How to style your kitchen sink

British Standard recently got in touch to ask if I’d like to be to be a part of their Instagram series ‘Lunch breaks with British Standard’. I was delighted to say yes, they are one of my absolute favourite clients and I’m sure you will have seen the pictures that I have styled for them on my Instagram. I decided to record a video to show you some suggestions for styling the area around your kitchen sink. This period of lockdown has forced significant changes to the rhythm of our daily lives; I would say ‘slowing down’ but that really hasn’t been the case for me. It’s been incredibly busy and intense but the intensity has been focused around home rather than commuting and rushing around, so daily chores have taken on a new significance. I have tried to focus on making them as pleasurable as possible so that’s really where the idea for the video came from. You can watch it in full here, but I also thought it would be useful to break down the key points for you on the journal.

– Clear everything away that isn’t pretty and store it in the cupboard under the sink. Keep out anything that looks good that’s going to add to the area such as wooden brushes or an organic cloth.

– Elevate your everyday mundane items like brushes and soap by storing them in interesting repurposed vessels from around your kitchen or home. I’ve used a vintage measuring jug and an old jelly mould.

– Think about what you can keep out to decorate the area by the sink. I like to keep all my silver and wooden teaspoons in a recycled glass.

– Add a ‘just because’ moment and style a little arrangement of your favourite objects.

– Next, think about your composition. Find pieces to add verticality. I like to use a chopping board to create a hard vertical line.

– You can continue to enhance your composition with art. Adding art is really my hero tip for around your sink. It’s often a forgotten area but it makes all the difference.

– Always have flowers, whether that’s a single stem or a huge blossom branch. Something living and if it’s scented that’s even better.

– Have a hand cream that is beautifully packaged so that’s it’s both practical but also adds to the overall look and feel.

– Remember to stand back and look at the flow of your composition. You want a mixture of textures, hard lines and curves.