How to style your children's room like a stylist

Always mix in antique and vintage elements

A classic way to bring character and add a unique sense of charm. The polar opposite of buy-the-whole-look-from-a- catalogue. If you’re lucky enough to find a great antique bed on your travels then be sure to snap it up. Likewise chests of drawers, little shelves or cupboards and even an old map or poster.

Build it in

Here lies the way to true chic’dom. The ultimate practical space saver and a million times more attractive than a divan. Just make sure when designing your dream set up to allow enough space around the bed frame to actually make it or else they’ll be swearing galore come wash day.

Image: Karel Balas

Image: The Socialite Family

Use clothes for display 

I mean those granny hand knits are far too pretty to leave hanging in the wardrobe. Get yourself a nice wooden hanger (you could even paint one a nice sludgy colour) and off you go.

Image: Sanne Hop

Image: Elodie le Fais

Choose and ‘off’ colour palette

Step away from the predictable kiddie colours and opt for a more unexpected colour palette. Mustard or sage green accents work well for both boys and girls. You can still add splashes of primary colour but be sure to keep the base colours muted.

Image: Aurélie Lecuyer

Image: Anna Malmberg

Repurpose something

It shows you’ve picked up some serious styling nouse when you re-purpose an item not originally designed for kiddie use. I love the idea of a kraft paper roller for drawings and make believe shopping lists. The dolls house in a cupboard is a genius idea and has long been on my agenda.

Image: Jennifer Hagler

Shop the story

Numero 74 Mustard Canopy, £94

Sandberg ‘Raphael’ Wallpaper, £92 per roll

Maison du Monde Rattan Daybed, £344

Wall mounted kraft paper roller, starting from £130

Cox & Cox Woven Rattan Shade, £150




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Gorgeous! Any idea what the blue/grey paint is on the bed in the second picture?