Here's how you're going to enjoy getting up in the morning...

Given that I am not a badger or hedgehog who can essentially bunk off winter and reappear come spring to daffodils and leaping lambs, I regretfully have to get out of bed every morning during the winter months and usually at a less than convivial hour. Yeah, I know, it’s the same for all us and so how to make this process a little less painful?

My answer is to get a seriously nice scented candle in your bedroom – they’re one of the quickest ways to lift a space and get enthusiastic about the dark.  Votary’s Lavender & Chamomile Scented Candle is currently doing a great job of tricking me into thinking I’ll be spending the day at a luxury spa rather than flying out of the house on the school run.

If you haven’t come across the joy that is the brand Votary allow me to fill you in. Founded by make-up artist Arabella Preston, they all but burst onto the beauty scene nearly four years ago. They launched with one oil cleanser and three facial oils with an emphasis on fixing skin the natural way with vegetable, fruit, seed or flower oils. Those with blemish prone skin found their saviour having been told for decades they should be drying out spots, Votary swept in with oils and convinced them otherwise. Beauty bloggers came in their droves to sing Votary’s praises and cult products emerged.

The candle is part of a new launch of products and not only have they nailed the scent (it’s not cloying and sickly sweet) but it’s also a non-toxic formulation with eco soy and lead free wick. The cherry on the cake for me is the packaging which is spot on with heavy black glass and minimal branding.

I (almost) can’t wait to get out of bed to light it.

Votary Lavender & Chamomile Scented Candle, 300g, £45 

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