Five Bedside Table Lamps For Under £140 For Kids, Teens, And Heck For You Too

When it comes to decorating kid’s rooms and with the frightening rate with which they grow and change, you want to buy pieces that are relatively inexpensive and can age with them well.

Adding a desk style lamp is the most fail safe way to do just that. If I am honest, as much as we all want to build beds and transform children’s spaces into wonderlands for them, the practical side of the brain kicks in to remind me that they’ll likely be over whatever they’re into now and grow out of their rainbow theme in a year. A humble lamp will update a room without wasting your cash.

So, I’ve picked out five of my favourite lamps for kids and teenagers and if any of these made their way to my bedside table I wouldn’t be mad about it. You’re going to be so thankful that you didn’t cave and paint every wall with unicorn murals (ever tried to paint over a mural… ooof).

Wild Wood Goldfish Orange Lamp £69

Graham & Greene Olive Filip Wall Light £75

Habitat Derby Black Metal Clamp Light £130

Present Time Table Lamp In Dusty Pink £47

Margaret Howell Anglepoise Type 75 Table Lamp £140

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