Feeding Your Kids In Style

Okay, this is an entirely selfish post. One of those where this is really all about me and less about the kids but before you judge too harshly let me make my case for stylish and good looking tableware for the wee darlings.

My feeling is if you’ve got to make three meals a day that will likely be met with protest and consume a lot of your time, then let’s make this an aesthetically pleasing experience shall we!? Three times a day, if I am serving up lightly breaded cod with a side of fresh garden greens and tomato jus (fish fingers with peas and ketchup) I am going to do so on some beautiful plates.

Secondly, children go through phases. Thomas the Tank Engine may be a thing for four weeks and then it’s all about ___ (Insert whichever CBeebies character you care to choose here). My eldest is still grateful for my having steered her oh so lovingly away from an Elsa Frozen duvet set. But you do want something durable and here your favourite ceramic dinner set, just because it looks brilliant, will not do. Enter Bamboo.

Bowls, cups, plates and cutlery made of bamboo are hardy, come with added eco environmental points and are really rather inexpensive too.

So there it is – I rest my case.


Above: Cink Bamboo Tableware Set, 4 Pieces, £25

Cink Bamboo Spoons, Set of 3, £12

Cink Bamboo Bowls, Set of 3, £24

Cink Bamboo Tumblers, Set of 3, £18

Zuperzozial Bamboo Forks, Set of 6, £9

Zuperzozial Bamboo Plates, Set of 6, £26

Zuperzozial Bamboo Cups, Set of 6, £32

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