Fashion designer Roksanda Ilinčić turns her hand to interiors

Long term readers of Minford will know that I’m highly partial to a bit of a fashion / interiors crossover. News then that fashion designer Roksanda Ilinčić had designed the Penthouse at the new Gasholders buildings got my heart all a flutter.

Ilinčić’s involvement in the project reflects a growing trend for collaboration between the fields of fashion, art and design. Take Jonathan Anderson’s newly renovated Loewe store on Bond Street for example. The collection is shown alongside his curation of art pieces; sculptures, paintings, photographs and ceramics, scattered across three floors and united by a cylindrical staircase and glass lift. A magical and exciting alliance of fashion, architecture and art.

The Penthouse is executed in this same vein but here the interiors, just like her collections, read like an ode to female creativity. Think of all those cocktail dresses with their silken and ruched textures; the billowing skirts and angular sleeves, the incongruous colour palettes and boldly feminine silhouettes. It’s all mirrored in her interior design, where furniture, paintings, ceramics, books and objects, largely designed by women, are beautifully united.

The space has a post-modern meets mid-century modern feel, with walls clad in fleshy pinks and cooler earthy tones. The silhouettes of the furniture are subtly abstracted with each chair and lamp pairing perfectly poised. Ilinčić’s attention to detail is extreme: curating the reading material, scents and garden. The finished result is a harmonious eclecticism that pays homage to the mastery of Ilinčić’s design sensibility, and to the women who went before her.

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