Evening for everyday: Style a tuxedo jacket with cropped jeans and loafers

Sandro Tuxedo Jacket, £369 . Arket Merino Roll-Neck Jumper, £59 . Arket Flared Cropped Jeans, £59 . Church’s Penny Loafers, £470 . Cos Ribbed Wool Cashmere Socks, £17

Getting dressed at this time of year can frankly feel a little bit boring. It’s not really spring yet but it’s not snowing either. How to make this never ending jeans and jumper rotation feel fresh is question I ask myself pretty much every morning right now.

I have an answer of sorts, and as with all the best combinations, it involves a bit of ‘high low’.

Crack out your evening blazer/ fella’s tuxedo and chuck it on over a black turtleneck jumper and style with cropped jeans and a pair of black loafers (pop on a pair of grey flecked socks for extra old-lady/school-girl vibes).

If you need to head straight out in the evening just add a pair of big diamante earrings and a heel and you are good to go.

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