Egg-cited for Easter!

My message today is simple.

If you want to get your hands on some posh chocolate for Easter Day you need to buy it right now.

Blame the small group of over zealous policemen if you will who tried to ban corner shops from selling Easter eggs due to them being non-essential (the outrage that ensued seems to have stopped this unthinkable notion in its tracks). No chocolate! Are you kidding? If push comes to shove I know I’d eat chocolate over pasta any day of the week. Anyway, my point being that the list of delicious swanky Easter eggs that I complied for you dear Minford readers only a few days ago has been significantly curtailed due to what one can only assume as panic buying of Easter confectionary.

At the last check the below were all still in stock but I can’t promise. If you really want to go ‘high end and classy’ as my father would say, then take a look at these Easter treats from Fortnums. There are lots of seasonal discounts to be found and enjoyed.


John Lewis Decorated milk chocolate egg, £10.50 . Coco Golden hens eggs, £14.95 . Rococo Dark chocolate egg with rose & violet creams, £20.96 .  Fortnum & Mason Hand decorated white chocolate egg, £33.75

Background print – Antoinette Poisson 

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David Hutchinson

Very high end and classy!


Not sure I’d be able to eat these- far too beautiful. One of each going in the basket!