Easter with Meri Meri

All images by Caroline Irby

It’s fair to say there’s a fine line to steer between nice and naff when it comes to Easter accessories. You may find one acceptable hanging egg let’s say, but it will invariably be nestled in a sea of um, how to you call it? Oh yes – nasty tat.

Allow me to steer you away from the pitfalls of a last minute dash around the supermarket aisles and instead point you firmly in the direction of my favourite kids party brand Meri Meri. Founded by Meredith Stuart-Smith, it’s my go to destination for all our children’s parties and increasingly for gifts as well, with their ever expanding range of dressing up clothes, baking and homeware.

Here’s a little round up of my favourite pieces from their Easter collection. The girls loved everything with the resounding favourite being the bunny basket bag. Oh that is apart from Lily the grey rabbit of course!

Bunny Drawstring Backpack, £19 . Bunny Felt Hair Slides, £7.95

Bunny fabric mask, £18

Paper Bunny Bags, £14 for 8

Bunny Felt Hair Slides, £7.95 . Paper Bunny Bags, £14 for 8

Bunny Straw Bag, £29 . Bunny Felt Hair Slides, £7.95

Blue Gingham Paper Cups, £5 . Pastel Striped Paper Straws

All clothes by Caramel

(most are from last summer but the blue dress Clemmie is wearing is available here)

This feature is part of a longer interview on Meri Meri stories.

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