This Designer From Morocco Is Here To Brighten Your Winter

For anyone in the UK who got up this morning, surveyed the grey and felt their heart sink, this bolt of colourful, upbeat Moroccan design from Lrnce is for you. If you’re elsewhere and sunning yourself, well congratulations you’ve won January.

It turns out that it was sun seeking that led Laurence Leenaert to trade Belgium for Marrakesh in 2013 to set up her lifestyle label. Lrnce works with artisans across Northern Africa to create playfully, crudely illustrated homewares and a smattering of fashion. You can’t come across any of her big unblinking eyes, splodges of colour and lines and not crack a smile. She creates feel-good items that would lift any home.

Shop online at they ship worldwide, or if you find yourself in Morocco visit the LRNCE Showroom, 61, Main Street, Sidi Ghanem, 40 000 Marrakech.

Instagram @lrnce

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