Decorating eggs with illustrator Isla Simpson

Designer and illustrator Isla Simpson is the next super creative who has kindly agreed to be part of the  #ExcitedforEaster campaign and if you like a feminine, nostalgic aesthetic then her work is certainly going to get you seriously excited. Here she shows us how to create beautiful hand painted eggs.

If you’ve been lucky enough to get a good supply (rare as hen’s teeth in some parts these days), don’t waste them by merely eating the insides. You might have to eat scrambled eggs for a few days but this is so worth it. The best bit is that if you save the egg box you can pack them away just as you would a Christmas decoration and have them to enjoy all over again next year.

Head over to her IGTV for a full tutorial but below is a overview of the key steps:

First you need to blow the eggs – carefully make a small hole in the top of your egg, and a slightly larger one at the opposite end. Blow firmly but gently until the inside of the egg comes out through the larger hole. Wash and dry the shell, ready to decorate.
For a monogrammed design trace on a letter found online and then fill in carefully with acrylic paint. Repeat with several layers and then add a drop shadow with a darker colour.

Isla Simpson

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