Circular Tables

I’d argue that in my home no other piece of furniture gets as much attention as the kitchen table. It’s where I gather people round for dinner, for parties, the kids do their homework and I often end up working there so I can sit and look out over the garden.

A dining table is one bit of furniture that you want to invest in and be sure you won’t go off. I know that my antique oak bad boy that Marcus at The French House made for me is going to be a mainstay of my home for decades to come.

But why am I talking about tables right now you ask? Well because my eye is currently being drawn to an emerging trend that I think warrants attention if you’re shopping for one at the moment. Yes you guessed it from the cryptic title of this post it’s the re-emergence of the round table.

The best come in marble or some other beautiful super smooth surface. The price tag can be hefty for the real deal but then if it’s a forever piece you may well feel the investment is worth it.

If you’re going all out try:

Faye Toogood – go big and take it home, the costly end of the table spectrum but you are investing in a bit of a British interior star here.

Mario Bellini – the grandfather of the chunky legged table, possibly the designer to have sparked a thousand other iterations.

For slightly more affordable try:

Knoll  – consider a classic Saarinen available in a variety of finishes (currently has a nice discount).

High street try:

Maison du Monde – have some great options if you like the look but your budget is limited.


Above Image: Claire Cousins

Image: Simon Watson

Image: Claes Juhlin

Oliver Gustav

Table by Ana Kras for Matter

Casa Salvatori in Milan, Italy, designed by Elisa Ossino


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