Christmas with M&S

This year we’re hosting Christmas and I’ve decided to go all out and get two trees. They’ll be a big one for the sitting room and then a smaller one for the children. The slight catch is that I’m going to put the latter in the kitchen so it’s still going to have to look good. If it were going in their rooms then by all means they could knock themselves out with all the unicorn tat they can muster but in the kitchen? No. Way.

Thank goodness then for M&S who have come to my rescue on the style front. Their gold, slightly antique-looking moon and star decorations with a muted pinky brown velvet ribbon are a yes please from me. Beware they are only available in store so if you like them as much as I do get your skates on before they sell out. Next up, I’ve chosen the arctic animal moulded glass baubles. They have a similar vintage vibe and will make my animal obsessed son very happy.

Stylist’s tip: the children’s homemade decorations obviously always make the tree but are ‘artfully’ arranged on the back branches when they’ve gone to bed 🙂

Next it’s on to Christmas day dressing and I think you’ll agree I’ve stumbled across a real winner in the shape of their beautiful cotton rich striped dress. Forest green with a subtle bronze thread is not your usual high street spangle dangle party frock situation and that’s why I love it so much. The design and fabric (sustainably sourced cotton if you’re interested) all help to make it feel much more expensive than its wallet friendly price tag.

My littlest was particularly excited, and who wouldn’t be frankly, about these shoes which I paired with some grey tights for a bit of good old dress-up dress-down. Yes, even at Christmas this is still a thing. What drew me to them was the square toe. It’s just a bit more unusual than all the other girls glitter shoes that are all over the shops right now. If you’re recoiling at the fact that they are described as ‘a block heel shoe’ I’d like to reassure you that it’s a TINY heel. We’re talking 1cm here not a flamenco style, ankle straining affair.

So there you have it –  a tree and a girls outfit all sorted. A big tick off the Christmas to-do list.

This post was created in collaboration with Marks & Spencer

Cotton Rich Striped Dress, £20-£26

Glitter Block Heel Shoes, £18-£20

Two Pairs of Thermal Tights with Wool, £8-10

Arctic Animals Glass Baubles, £15

Full disclosure – this is my very first sponsored post. As many of you know from previous features I’m a big fan of M&S so working with them was a really easy fit. I do just want to reassure you that everything I choose to post on Minford is extremely carefully selected. You won’t see anything here that I wouldn’t want to fill my own home or wardrobe with. As much as the old mortgage needs paying, you’ll never catch me flogging dodgy furniture, diet wonder pills and anything that I don’t believe is worth recommending.

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Fab sourcing as usual……runs to M&S to get stars and moons 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃🏻‍♀️


Love it all! Such a sweet dress too, my youngest is strawberry blonde and does not suit all the usual red/black Christmas outfit grossness. Xxx