Adding Layers & Texture To Your Home For Winter

Sorry to be the bearer of potentially bad news but this Sunday sees the end of British Summer time 2017. Personally, that means taking a very deep breath and chanting ‘it’s okay, we can do this’ until I stop hyperventilating.

But rather than rocking in a corner somewhere I’m taking this as a proactive call to action and thinking about how to cosy-up my home.

In a nutshell, getting the house winter-ready is all about layering up the textures.

The Living Room:

Adding a couple of blankets in different textures to your sofa is a really easy place to start. Obviously, those Nordic folk do this all exceptionally well. Their motto seems to be if there’s a surface, chuck some sort of ‘skin’ on it. Eww. But who doesn’t love a reindeer hide under their bottom? For furry texture, I love the Broste Copenhagen Light Grey Goat Skin also available in light tan.

I’m particularly fond of classic woollen herringbone in whatever colour you fancy, or you could go for this Reste Embroidered one which I absolutely love. Another great addition would be a vintage Welsh blanket and a sheepskin, just try to think about interesting combinations rather than being too matchy.

Clearly if budget allows NO ONE is going to turn their nose up at a cashmere throw.

The Bedroom:

The other thing I’m planning on experimenting with is a bit of brushed cotton on the bed. Ever since I bought my son a pillowcase I’ve been secretly harbouring plans to do get some for our bed. I spotted these in John Lewis the other day from their Croft collection in grey or natural with a fine stripe.

Me, Myself And I:

As far as cosying myself up I’m planning on the husband’s cashmere hoodie and a brushed cotton pyjama route (ideally these from Toast), or finally getting round to purchasing some cashmere joggers.

And finally, don’t forget you can never go wrong with a pair of good old cashmere socks from The White Company.

Above image by Ditte Isager

Image by Gillian Stevens

Image by Anna Leena

Image by Jessica MacCormick

Image by Paul Massey

Image by Kate le Sueur

Image by Janice Issitt

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