Buy This Dress Now, Stash It For Later

I’ve been meaning to do some more fashion posts for a while but have been sitting firmly on the fence procrastinating due to a total lack of inspiration and any desire to wear anything other than a jumper and jeans. I have of course been obsessively refreshing the ‘New In’ section of all my favourite brands but you know, so far so blah.

I took the bull buy the horns yesterday and decided to do a full sweep of Mango in Victoria (really big store, sells kids clothes, never overcrowded = winner). After a mammoth try-on I had two successes. One I will be posting next week, but the other – due to a slight fervor over on Insta Stories – is going up straight away.

I was a little unsure, as you’ll know if you follow my Stories, but I’m thinking on reflection that no makeup and winter white ‘snakeskin’ legs are not the best starting point for trying on such an item. Anyways, you’ve convinced me it’s more Jeanne Damas than Judith Chalmers so here you have it. No time to do a proper shoot so you’ll have to make do with it hanging in my bedroom and shot on my phone. If you want to see it on I’ve added the story into the highlights section of insta.

Mango Floral Print Dress, £49.99

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