Boilersuits that are too good to paint your house in

Topshop Utility Boilersuit, £59Anthropologie Cuff, £44, Mehry Mu Rope Bag, £235, Mango Leather Heels, £69.99

In the world of interiors, DIY and set styling the old boilersuit is something of a classic. But what every handyman under the sun has worn for decades, is now on its way to becoming a mainstay of women’s wardrobes.

What a boilersuit needs to make you feel like you’re not actually about to decorate a house is the right mix of accessories and a dose of confidence. I am all about taking the plumbers uniform and dressing it up with some strong jewellery and a little heel. In the day, kick about in trainers or sling on the really rather good tan heels from Mango to feel a bit fancy.

The ease of a boilersuit is its main appeal – you don’t need to fuss over your outfit at all. And who could resist all those nifty pockets. The things you could keep in them… anyway…

I’ve just bought the Topshop number pictured above and can vouch for its quality. It works because it has a belt that cinches the waist making the shape more flattering. I am wearing it with a simple tortoise cuff, tan heels and this amazing take on a basket bag, keeping everything tonal and grown up. If you’re undecided about whether you can pull off a boilersuit, stick to denim, cord and neutral colours and then revel in realising you can get dressed in about 3 seconds flat for the rest of the winter.

ASOS Cord 70s Boilersuit, £58

& Other Stories Workwear Boilersuit, £89

Warehouse Denim Flared Boilersuit, £59

A.P.C Ronni Ruffle Jumpsuit, £240

Urban Outfitters Rosie Utility Boilersuit, £79

Hush Penny Zip Jumpsuit, £99

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